Automatic Transmission Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks, better known as the kei trucks in the local Japanese market are phenomenon vehicles, to say the least. Their quality, high performance and dependability is second to none when it comes to lightweight trucks. These vehicles have even been compared to standard pickup trucks. Knowing what pickup trucks are capable of, you can tell how the kei trucks are in the auto space. The Kei trucks are however different in design. All this is due to the different generations and models that one can come across. For instance, the older ones used manual transmission while newer models depend on an automatic transmission. In this guide, we will be looking more into automatic transmission mini trucks.

Are automatic transmission mini trucks the best option that one can have? How do they compare to the older model manual transmission? Let’s delve deep into this.

What is Automatic Transmission & How Does It work?

A transmission system is a mechanism in which the vehicle uses to switch between one gear to the other. This simply comes down to that vehicle’s gearbox. A gearbox is a mechanical device and part of a vehicle where there are different gears. The need to change from one gear to the other is to change the RPM of the engine which in turn changes the torque and power of the vehicle. Every vehicle that you come across will either use a manual transmission or an automatic transmission system.

Automatic transmission means that the vehicle uses an automated system to switch between gears. This is as opposed to the manual system where the driver’s intervention is needed. Usually, in a manual transmission system, the driver uses a gear stick that connects to the gears in the gearbox. However, the automated transmission system involves the use of a hydraulic automated system to do this. There is no driver intervention in the automatic transmission system.

Are Automatic Transmission Mini Trucks Better?

As aforementioned, a mini truck, like any other vehicle out there would either be running on a manual or automatic transmission system. The automatic transmission system is modern and seen as an improvement from the manual system. But are thy really that good? Well, automatic transmission system aims to create more efficiency rather than relying on the driver’s judgment to decide on the gears to use. Instead, the system does it automatically and systemically. Frankly, the automated system is much better and is definitely the future. Many vehicles, including larger trucks are improving and switching to this as well.

However, this does not mean that older manual transmission vehicles are less efficient or dependable. They are as good as they were before. And as evidenced in the United States, there are many manual transmission mini trucks. And users are loving every service delivered by these vehicles.


Automatic transmission mini trucks are the future. Shared above are some of the insights to help users better understand the transmission system and how it works. But this doesn’t render manual transmission vehicles useless at all.

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