5 Things That Can Drain Your Car Battery

In this guide, we will go through the things that can drain your car battery. The battery is an essential part of any car. It is this part that provides the initial energy which starts the engine. Apart from being an electrical component, the battery is part of the ignition system. Typically, the battery receives power from the alternator, which acts like an inverter. The battery stores the energy you need to start your truck, and other electrical components will need this power when the alternator is off.

Things That Can Drain Your Car Battery

A good battery should serve you for five years, but this depends on how you take care of your battery. Did you know your battery can drain faster depending on how you handle it? After reading this guide, you can understand some things that can drain your battery.

Human Error

Among the top things that can drain your car battery is human error. Sometimes, our car battery drains because of common errors. You have had a long day at work, got home very tired, and missed your family. You will leave your car parked with headlights and might forget to close your door or the trunk.

As the lights are on, they will drain power from your battery, and the battery will not charge if your car is parked. When this happens, your car will not be able to start in the morning. 

Loose or Corroded Battery Connections

If your battery’s connections are loose or corroded, your battery will not charge effectively. It is necessary to perform a regular battery inspection. Doing this will help you determine the loose wires and corroded terminals. When your terminals are corroded, you can clean them since the corrosion prevents your battery from charging even though the alternator will provide the much-needed power.

Parasitic Drain

Sometimes, an electric component of your car will continue running even after you have turned it off your car. Components such as the clock or radio memory will use the battery’s power when your car is turned off.

Sometimes, the parasitic drain exceeds normal when your car has electrical problems. The drain will result from faulty fuses or even wiring. Expect parasitic drain from faulty door light switch,

The trunk lock switch and any other after-market electrical component installed in your car also might drain your battery.

Extreme Temperatures

Your battery suffers when it is too cold or hot. The lead sulfate crystals accumulate, leading to your battery’s long-term depletion. Such accumulations make it difficult for your battery to charge.

Faulty Alternator

Among the things that can drain your car battery is when you have a bad alternator. The alternator charges your battery when your engine is running. The alternator provides power to all other electrical components of your car. When the alternator becomes faulty, your battery will not be able to charge. 

Your car will show some signs when the alternator becomes faulty. Usually, a good alternator will serve you for seven years or between 100,000 to 150,00 miles.


Shared above are some of the several things that can drain your car battery drain faster than usual. If you realize that your battery cannot hold power, first and foremost, think of how long the battery has served you. Other common factors that you should know have been discussed in this guide. Knowing them will enable you to take the necessary action in case your battery becomes weak.

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