5 Ways To Get Better Fuel Mileage

Have you ever asked yourself how you can get better fuel mileage? The prices of gas continue to soar high as the income is constant. You need to save some cash on every purchase you make. Buying gas is inevitable as long as you own a truck. But you can evade the frequency of your visit to the gas station. If your engine is well serviced and maintained, your truck’s fuel efficiency will increase. You can also make minor modifications to boost your trucks’ gas economy. You will be increasing your mileage whenever you make any step to improve gas efficiency. After reading this guide, you will understand 5 easy ways to get better fuel mileage.

5 Ways To Get Better Fuel Mileage

Slowing down and leaving the gas pedal to relax is the best way to get better fuel mileage. However, there are other ways to ensure that your truck does not frequent the filling station.

Reduce Your Speed

High speed increases fuel consumption. At the same time, you do not need to be slow on the highway to save fuel. Cutting your speed by 5mp saves up to 7% of your gas. Instead of driving at 75mph, consider driving at 70mph. 

As you reduce your speed, check the frequency at which you accelerate. Struggling to beat 0-60mph time will waste your fuel and make you look arrogant on the road.

Let Your Foot Off the Brake

Letting your foot rest on the brake leads to premature brake wear and improves fuel economy. To save fuel, let your foot rest on the floor and embark on one-foot driving. Doing this increases fuel economy.

Avoid Unnecessary Idling

You will get 0mpg when your truck is running but not moving, and this dramatically reduces fuel economy. Your truck will consume fuel as much as it makes zero progress in motion.

In case you are waiting for someone, it is necessary to roll down your windows and turn off the engine. Besides saving fuel, this will enable you to catch some fresh air.

Do A Regular Wheel Alignment

The wheels of your truck become misaligned as you drive over potholes and on a rough road interferes with the alignment of your wheels. When your wheels are not correctly aligned, keeping your truck on a straight highway becomes problematic as it will pull either on the left or right side. Poor alignment also leads to poor fuel economy. To improve your gas mileage, consider aligning your wheels whenever you repair a puncture or fix new tires.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Driving your truck with the wrong amount of tire pressure interferes with your fuel mileage and causes premature tire wear. When your tires are underinflated by only 7.5 pounds, your fuel economy will go down by 2.8%. The tire gauge will let you know the right amount of pressure your tire requires.


The current economic inflation is pushing the prices of everything up, and gas is not left behind. Shared above are some habits that will help you increase your gas mileage and save your pockets from regular fueling. 

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