Hard Steering Wheel – Causes on Mini Trucks

The steering wheel plays the role of guiding your mini truck in the desired direction. You will use this wheel to dodge portholes on the road, make a turn, and change lanes while overtaking and parking your vehicle. The steering wheel sometimes can malfunction. If this happens, it resists moving by getting hard. This problem can be dangerous when it happens to your mini truck on the highway. Imagine a scenario of trying to switch lanes on the highway, but the steering moves slowly. It is disappointing to have a hard steering wheel. You will not be able to control the vehicle effectively and might expose you to a fatal accident. Let us focus on some of the causes of stiff steering on mini trucks.

Causes of Hard Steering Wheel on Mini trucks

Stiff steering has several causes. In this section, let us exhaust some of the causes of hard steering.

Bad Tire Pressure

Your mini truck has four wheels, and sometimes the rear wheels are double. All these wheels should be inflated as per the requirements of the manufacturer. If there is no pressure balance on the wheels, such as one being deflated, it will be hard to turn the steering wheel while driving.

Misalignment is another major cause of hard steering. Poor alignment will make your mini truck drag sideways while in motion or when making a turn. The misalignment of the wheels results from the treads not wearing uniformly.

Damaged Steering Rack

The steering rack is joined to the wheels by several shafts and U-joints. Daily driving damage the rack itself, the shafts, and the U-Joints. If your steering wheel becomes hard immediately after igniting your mini truck, conclude that the steering rack is faulty. As you drive, the steering wheel gradually becomes free, and this is because the rack becomes hot as you drive, and the lubricants will effectively reach it. If this is ignored, it might end up in significant problems.


The steering will be stiff if the system has less fluid due to leakages. Leakages happen when too much pressure is exposed to the fluids’ pipes, which breaks them. The pump generates the pressure. This pressure makes it easy for the fluids to move in the fluid tubes efficiently. When the fluids find such damage, they will leak and reduce. The power steering will therefore lack adequate pressure that will enhance its efficiency.

Faulty Pump

The pump plays the role of creating pressure for the movement of fluid in the power steering system. If the pump becomes faulty, the steering wheel will be hard to turn. But the steering will not be rigid, it will move, but you will be forced to apply a lot of pressure. Applying much pressure is deadly during an emergency, like taking a U-turn.


Stiff steering on your mini truck might signal mechanical problems, which you must not ignore. Sometimes you might experience it when your steering gets locked with the pin when you turn off your engine. 

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