5 Things Every Kei Truck Owner Needs to Know

The terms Kei truck are interchangeable with mini truck. You may as well come across people referring to them as micro trucks. These light trucks were intended for use in the Japanese market. Now they are popular worldwide. These small trucks are suitable for running small businesses and errands due to their efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, reliability, and less maintenance cost. This guide will unearth some facts about this fancy little truck you did not know. Onto our guide on 5 things every kei truck owner needs to know.

5 Things Every Kei Truck Owner Needs to Know

As a Kei mini truck owner, you should know these 5 realities about the vehicle.

Good Fuel Economy

Kei Trucks are economical in terms of fuel consumption. As an owner of a Kei truck, you need to know that your mini truck consumes very little fuel over a long distance. Kei trucks come with two engine versions, the diesel, and petrol engine. The diesel engine consumes less fuel as compared to the petrol engine.

Agile & Flexible

Kei trucks can give the best services if used as mobile business vehicles. Mini trucks are efficient for delivery businesses such as food and postal. These vehicles have more expansive space for carriage, and they are economical. A full fuel tank can take you several miles before going dry.

Insuring The Mini Truck

The procedure of insuring a mini truck is complex. Obtaining insurance cover for a Kei truck is a little bit complex because of its varied uses. Insurance companies fear insuring vehicles with unspecific usage because, in the case of a claim, it becomes difficult to assess and determine the reason for the claim. To quickly obtain an insurance cover for your mini truck, specify to the insurance firm what you will do with your mini truck.

Powerful & Efficient

The mini trucks are suitable for daily towing. These trucks can pull a load of up to 1000 pounds. Compared to regular pickups, which mostly run on a 2.0 – liter engine, mini trucks are cheap to acquire and maintain. Therefore, they are the best options for towing loads of 1000 pounds and below. Using a 3.2-liter turbo diesel pickup to tow 800 pounds will be less economical, and the torque of the pickup will be underutilized.

The Kei trucks are very popular among the Japanese. In Japan, Kei trucks are very common on the roads. Statistics revealed that only in 2020, there was a new record high for Kei trucks that were registered. The Japanese community loves this vehicle because its engine produces adequate power for tackling rugged terrain. Besides the engine capabilities, the Kei trucks also has adequate space for carriage, and the general cost of maintaining it is low.


Kei trucks are among some of the best lightweight trucks in the market. They are small and compact and are suitable for several uses such as deliveries, towing light equipment, and light vehicles. These vehicles are cheap to acquire and maintain. They serve the same purpose as standard pickup trucks. It is somehow complex to insure in some US States and would be good to always check with your local state laws whether they are allowed before getting one. Otherwise, they have stood the test of time and will surely deliver.

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