Suzuki Mini Truck Flooding

Car maintenance is very important. Without maintaining the vehicle, they you might not get the best service out of it. Suzuki mini truck is one of the highly coveted vehicles that one can come across. Nobody in the auto industry who knows of Japanese kei trucks needs an introduction to Suzuki carry mini trucks. They have stood the test of time. These mini trucks too need to be well maintained and repaired when needed. In this guide, we will focus our attention on Suzuki Carry mini truck flooding and how to go about it. This should help one understand more about flooding and what to do about it.

What is Fuel Flooding

Fuel flooding is a problem experienced in a petrol engine of a vehicle. It is usually caused or experienced when the vehicle has been left for a while or during cold days. This problem happens when the engine is started and then switched off sooner after it has been left cold for a long time. It is usually a problem that is caused by excess fuel that is unburnt and left inside the engine. The fuel wets the plugs and this usually causes the plugs to fail to work and hence the vehicle will not start as expected.

It can also cause some weird sound with the engine. This is called bore wash and is usually experienced when the fuel washes off the oil on the cylinder pistons. The Suzuki Carry 1996 is the mini truck that some of the owners have complained of experiencing flooding.

Flooding is a horrible mechanical problem that can cause the engine to break down. This is a problem that you may experience when you find out that the vehicle does not start.

How To Deal With Suzuki Mini Truck Flooding

  1. Here are steps on how to deal with petrol engine flooding.
  2. The first step is to crank the engine. This should be done while pushing the accelerator pedal to the floor.
  3. Keep cranking up the engine for as long as you can until you hear the engine starting well.
  4. And once the engine starts, you should allow it to rev up and then keep it on hold beyond the normal engine idle speed.
  5. Let the engine warm up for some time then either drive it as normal or switch it off.
  6. In case the engine fails to start or gives you some problems while following this procedure, then you should consider getting expert assistance.


Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time and are regarded among the most dependable vehicles in the market. Maintenance and repairs is however a must. Among some of the things that you are likely to experience is fuel flooding in the engine. Shared above are some of the steps on how to handle that.

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