Replacing Timing Belt On Suzuki Carry

Japanese mini trucks have earned themselves s huge reputation in the automobile world. They are known to be great performance and very reliable vehicles. Many people compare their performance to those of the standard pick up trucks. And considering that they are in the lightweight class, these vehicles brings more than expected tot he table. Another thing worth mentioning with them is their low cost of maintenance and excellent fuel economy. But maintenance should always be a part of their daily routine. Every part need to be replaced once in a while. Among the parts that are usually forgotten in the timing belt. In this guide, we will go through replacing timing belt on Suzuki Carry mini truck. This should be the Suzuki fa6 engine timing belt.

When To Change Timing Belt On Suzuki Carry

Is there a certain time that one should be changing their timing belt? The timing belt’s design is really tough and is meant to last a very long time. That is why it is one of the rare parts that you see people changing more often. However, it is worth mentioning that there comes a time that this should be done. For instance, experts recommend to change the mini truck timing belt after every 50,000 kilometers. This shouldn’t be standard or fixed to that because some timing belts could have been replaced and perhaps are of a lower quality. Sometimes they start to crack and when this happens, make the replacement. So, it is worth checking and ensuring that the Suzuki fa6 engine timing belt is in perfect condition.

Replacing Timing Belt On Suzuki Carry

So, what steps does one have to go through when replacing the timing belt on their Suzuki Carry mini truck?

Located on the flywheel, the timing belt on pretty much any mini truck that one may own, they are very visible. But you do not just remove it anyhowly. It has been held in that position for a long time and would not be very easy to remove with your bare hands. Remember that it is meant to be firmly in that position for as long as the vehicle runs.

To remove and replace the timing belt on t he Suzuki Carry, make sure to remove the covering which is common in some engine designs. Remove everything else that could be on your way then return them later once you have made the timing belt replacement.

It shouldn’t be a big problem and if you have the original manual, then it even becomes much easier for you.


A timing belt isn’t always the main problem in a vehicle. If you have an original F6 engine timing belt on your vehicle, then you can be sure it lasts a long time. But every 50,000 kilometers or when it cracks, you need to replace it.

Be sure to check out some of the Japanese mini trucks we are selling. If you own a Suzuki Carry and have an F6 engine on it, then this guide will be helpful for you.