Suzuki Carry – Suzuki Carry Utility Van

Suzuki Carry utility van is a mini-truck with an enclosed body that can be used for light contractor’s work such as plumbing and electrician. This van has adequate space for carrying small tools, passengers, and equipment. The first carry Suzuki Motors manufactured van in the year 1972. Its engine was water-cooled and produced around 28 horsepower. Since its first production, the Suzuki Carry minivan has undergone several transitions, improving from the previous. This has led to the production of 1.5L Suzuki Carry utility van with more horsepower, torque, and capabilities.

Features of Suzuki Carry Utility Van

Exterior features:

Carry utility Van measures 4344 mm long, 1765 mm wide, and 2030 mm high. It has four doors with a double rear door. It has sliding windows on the side and permanent windows on the rear doors.

The headlamps are above the front bumper to minimize damages caused by debris when driving on the rough road. The air intake is slightly high to protect when driving on a flooded road.

The five-leaf spring mechanism provides additional ground clearance above the axle housing. The rear suspension is rugged to provide more stability when the van is fully loaded.

Interior features:

This car’s interior represents a rugged work design but offers the necessary comfort. The cabin is spacious for the passenger’s comfort and space for carriage. The latest versions are equipped with the latest technology to give the driver an easy driving time. It has got a ground clearance of 160mm.

More legroom makes Suzuki Carry more comfortable, especially for long rides.

The gear lever has been transferred from the space between the driver and the passenger’s seat to the dashboard to increase legroom for both the passenger and the driver. It has bottle holders, a sliding driver’s seat that makes it easy for you to adjust the seat to a comfortable level, and electric steering for easy handling and control of the vehicle.


The utility van boasts a 1462 cc Gasoline Engine. It has four cylinders in an inline arrangement with four valves per cylinder supplied with fuel in a 43 liters tank. Carry Utility van has a five-speed manual transmission, making it fun to drive for manual diehards.

Carry van produces 95 horsepower and 135 Nm of torque. This gives it good energy for towing loads. The 1.5-liter engine is suitable for this vehicle because it is economical in fuel consumption while giving a reasonable power output.

Carry has a short wheelbase of 2205 mm; this gives the van the best turning radius. The van can easily maneuver through a friendly working environment.

Similar Vehicles in the Market

Other vehicles with features similar to Suzuki Carry are Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar, and Daihatsu Hijet.


The Suzuki Carry Utility Van is a robust vehicle with a small engine yet delivers exemplary performance. It can give the best services on both rough and tarmac roads. The minivan is the best for transport due to its enclosed nature. The vehicle is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

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