Suzuki Carry 4-Wheel Drive

The entry of Suzuki Carry into the market was successful because it passed the durability and reliability test. Suzuki Carry became a favorite to many because of its less fuel consumption yet delivered immense power. It proved to be a workhorse for both domestic and commercial use. The manufacturers felt it necessary to add something to this vehicle to optimize its services. They decided to develop the 4-Wheel-drive version to tackle the rugged terrains. The Suzuki Carry 4-Wheel version appeared more powerful and could go anywhere compared to the rear-wheel drive version.

How capable is the Suzuki Carry 4-Wheel?

Let us look at the capabilities of the 4-Wheel-drive Suzuki carry that you should know as you plan to buy the mini truck.

Agility on Slippery surfaces

The Suzuki Carry 4-Wheel drive has proved to be the beast to tackle slippery grounds. A 4-Wheel drive vehicle will distribute power to all the wheels, making them rotate at equal speed. This will enable the truck to tackle slippery grounds with a lot of ease. For efficiency, ensure your tires have an excellent grip to avoid slippage. In case it slightly rains, and it happens you were driving on a muddy road or grass, the 4-Wheel drive will emerge the victor.

Agility on rugged terrain

The 4-Wheel-drive Suzuki Carry has emerged as the best to drive on rugged terrains. What is rugged terrain? This is a kind of terrain that may be rocky. Regular rear-wheel-drive vehicles find it difficult to maneuver through rocky terrain because the power from the engine is only transmitted to two wheels. But for the 4-Wheel drive, the power from the engine is equally distributed to all four wheels making them easily maneuver the rocky grounds. If a wheel finds it tough to climb a rock, then the power from other wheels will provide it with the support to climb quickly.

Uniform Power Distribution

The 4-Wheel version of Suzuki Carry utilizes its power better. This is because the power is equally distributed to the four wheels. With the equal power distribution, the driver becomes confident while on the wheel. And the vehicle becomes more stable and easy to handle on any terrain.

Better Towing Capabilities

The 4-Wheel Carry has a better towing capability than the rear-wheel Carry. Pulling load requires additional power, especially when going up a hill. The rear-wheel-drive Carry while straining in such terrain because the front wheels will remain idle as the rear wheels labor to push the entire vehicle. The four wheels will not strain because all the four wheels will be equally working to push the entire vehicle and to push the load also.


A 4-Wheel system is a system in which the power from the engine is distributed to both the front and rear wheels. This means that all the 4-Wheel system wheels can rotate with the same power. The 4-Wheel drive has two versions, one active and one allowing the driver to switch when the demand arises. Whether full-time or partial 4-Wheel drive, it will still be superior to the rear or front-wheel drive in tackling various drive terrains.

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