Suzuki Carry Maintenance Tips

Suzuki Carry is among the best Japanese mini trucks that one can get in the market. The kei truck has stood the test of time and is guaranteed to get you good service overall. But despite the good performance and reliability that a vehicle can get you, there is need to maintain it. Giving a vehicle good maintenance means that you can get better service from it. In this guide, we will go through some of the basic Suzuki Carry maintenance tips you should consider.

Suzuki Carry Maintenance

Here are some of the most common Suzuki Carry maintenance tips that one should do to get the best out of their vehicle.

Tire Changing

The tires of a vehicle needs to be changed once in a while. They are among the most important things to adhere to. It is crucial in the sense that worn out tires can cause accidents if they end up bursting. The need to change the tires depends on how you use the vehicle and where you use it. If you use it everyday and cover long distances, then you may need to change the tires as soon as 6 months or so. To know when to change the tires, you should check the threads and ensure that they are not worn out.

Regular Oil Change

Did you know that oil in a vehicle wears out just like moving parts? With all the heating and circulation, the oil in a vehicle wears out. It is therefore important to change them more regularly to get the bets out of the mini truck.

It also goes without saying that there are different types of oil. Be sure that you are getting the best quality ones. Avoid cheap ones that can ruin your vehicle. This both for the engine and the gear box.

Timing Belt

The timing belt is one of those crucial but usually forgotten things in a vehicle. You need to change the timing belt on Your Suzuki Carry once in a while, but if you are buying a vehicle, it is recommended to do it as soon as possible. This is because you really cannot know when the timing belt was changed.

Wash & Wax The Car

It is good to have a vehicle that is clean all the time. It is recommended that you clean your mini tuck at least once a week. This helps to avoid things like rust which could eat up the body of the vehicle. Waxing is also good to maintain the car paint and make it last long.

Servicing Cleaning The Car Engine

It has always been said that a clean engine runs cooler than dirty ones. And for that reason, you need to make sure that the engine is cleaned regularly. You also need to do basic servicing and adjustment. Some of the servicing that one could do to increase the performance of their mini truck is to change the spark plug every 50,000 km.


Shared here are just some of the basic maintenance tips to adhere to. They are the starting point to having your Suzuki Carry get you the best performance and reliability.

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