Subaru Sambar Maintenance Tips

Subaru Sambar is one of the best Japanese mini trucks that one can have. They have a big share in the lightweight class and are becoming more popular by the day. Among the things that makes them so popular and loved by many people is that they offer good performance and are very reliable. But to achieve good service from a vehicle, one needs to maintain and keep it well serviced. In this guide, we will go through some of the basic Subaru Sambar maintenance tips you should keep in mind. This should help you get better out of your mini truck.

Basic Subaru Sambar Maintenance Tips

Here are some of the simple but effective Subaru Sambar maintenance guides to help you get better out of your mini truck.

Clean & Wax The Vehicle Regularly

Did you know that cleaning your vehicle can help it last longer? As much as something like cleaning  vehicle does not seem like it is a lot, it can make a huge difference. A vehicle that is not well cleaned means that it will easily gather rust and consequently wear out much faster. It is therefore good to make sure that the vehicle is clean all the time. Waxing is also recommended to protect the paint and against rust.

Regularly Change Oil & Filter

Oil change is necessary in any vehicle or machine. Due to the heat and friction that goes on in a vehicle, the oil wears out with time. And when this happens, the oil becomes less efficient hence exposing the vehicle parts. It is therefore important to change oil regularly. Similarly, it is necessary to replace the oil filter to maintain good oil filtration to the engine. Both of these will improve the efficiency of the vehicle.

Changing Engine Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are very important in running a petrol powered vehicle. Without spark plugs, the engine wouldn’t start. Considering how important they are, it is always good to change them. Most of the manufacturers and experts would advise to change the spark plugs every 50,000 kilometers for best results.

Regularly Change The Tires

The tires of a vehicle are very crucial. However, when they wear out, they need to be replaced with urgency. You do not have to wait until all the threads of the tire are worn out before replacing them. A worn out tire can easily burst and if you were driving the vehicle, then it could be very disastrous. It is recommended that one change their tires once or twice every year depending on how they use them.


These are some of the most popular fixes and maintenance that one could easily do. The are simple to follow, but they surely can make a big impact. Follow with these maintenance pointers to get the best out of your vehicle.

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