Suzuki Carry – Changing Spark plugs of a Suzuki Carry

Suzuki carry is a Japanese vehicle produced under the Suzuki auto brand. In the Japanese market, it comes as either a mini truck or a minivan. It was first produced back in the 1960s to compete with vehicles such as Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab, Subaru Sambar, Honda Acty, and Mazda Scrum. For Suzuki Carry to actively compete with other vehicles in this class, it must have a good engine that offers the desired power and reliability. The engine is essential in converting energy from fuel to motion. For an engine to convert the gasoline energy to motion, it has to have a spark plug. What is the function of the spark plug? It ignites the mixture of air and fuel, and the ignition causes an explosion which produces energy for motion. Here we will go through the process of changing spark plugs of a Suzuki Carry mini truck.

Changing Spark Plug for a Suzuki Carry

Most manufacturers recommend that after every 30,000 miles, you should replace your spark plugs. However, the life span of a spark plug can be affected by the driving habit and the general engine performance.

Changing the spark plug for this small Suzuki mini truck might seem a little bit complex compared to other cars where you only open the hood, and there it is. There is a little space where the spark plug is located, which is tilted, making it relatively hard to reach.

In mini trucks, the spark plug exists under the driver’s seat while it is mounted at the rear in the minivan. To safely remove the spark plug, ensure you have a tool called the spark plug wrench. The best one has a rubber inside. This rubber is essential in ensuring the plug does not fall when installed.

Below are the Steps that will Help In Changing Spark plugs of a Suzuki Carry

  • Your mini truck has to be parked on a flat surface that is dry and let the engine cool.
  • Try cleaning the engine parts to ensure that any impurity does not get into the cylinder when removing the spark plug.
  • Ensure your battery is disconnected.
  • Remove the spark plug wire. Do this carefully to avoid damages that may occur, such as tearing the wire terminal.
  • Remove the COP. To do this, ensure the electrical connector is not connected to the ignition. You can achieve this by physically disconnecting it. After disconnection, twist the coil a quarter turn to break the bond. It will pull up and out. Practice caution while doing this to avoid damaging the COP boot.
  • Make sure the engine has thoroughly cooled down, then you can use the spark plug socket to remove the spark plug safely.
  • Install the new plug; before putting the new plug, ensure that the plugs do not have any physical damage and are labeled accordingly. Re-install the COP, and start your engine.


The combustion between air and fuel is what brings motion. Spark plugs play a vital role in the car’s engine by converting the electric current into a spark. This spark ignites the combustion of the mixture of air and fuel. The spark plugs are located at the heads of the cylinders. In the cylinder is where combustion occurs.

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