Honda Acty Valve Clearance Procedure

Honda Acty is one of the most preferred Kei trucks and among the best in the lightweight truck class. It has a small but powerful engine for its size. Pick-up truck owners might look down upon the Honda Acty because of its general physical size. As the say goes, never judge a book by its cover. This small chap is earnest when it comes to performing duties. For most Japanese mini trucks to offer the best services to the owners, they must be in good condition. To achieve this, as the owner, you should ensure that your Honda Acty never misses servicing after the completion of mileage. As a servicing routine, always check the valve clearance. Here, we will go through Honda Acty valve clearance procedure.

To deliver maximum power by your Kei truck, both the camshaft and the combustion chambers have to work jointly. The combined efforts of the camshaft and the combustion chamber harm the parts like the valves. This article will focus on the valve clearance for the Honda Acty.

Honda Acty Valve Clearance

Valve clearance is the space between the upper part of the valve and the rocker arm. This gap will likely to widen or lessen as the valves perform their functions. Maintaining a given length for both the inlet and the outlet valve is essential. The outlet valve should be longer to accommodate the expansion due to heat. It will helpful to do the following to know the measurement of your valve clearance.

  1. First and foremost, practice safety by putting off your engine and letting it cool down. Performing this procedure is only possible on a cold engine. Sometimes, the valves might fail to notify you that there is less or more clearance.
  2. Ensure the crankshaft is in a top dead centre by turning it clockwise. You will determine this by looking at the crankshaft from the flywheel. When you do this, the crankshaft will relax, and the valve will no longer be open.
  3. Use the feeler gauge to determine the space between the valve and the rocker arm.
  4. If the clearance is small, increase it by pulling out the valve and grinding the end of the valve stem. As you grind, ensure you do not remove too much valve stem, check by regularly measuring the length.
  5. After doing this, lubricate each valve stem. While lubricating, ensure no lubricant goes to the tappets or endpoints of the valve stem.


Honda Acty Kei truck is one of the most reliable and liked vehicles in its class. Every owner can rely on it, and it has always proven to be the workmate. This is because of the simple and robust engine it has. Being an excellent mini truck does not put it into 100% perfection. As this vehicle performs its duties, it will develop minor engine issues. The heat produced by the engine is likely to wear out some engine parts with time. It is essential to do valve clearance occasionally to ensure your valves are working perfectly. This guide will help you perform the valve clearance process for Acty mini truck.

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