Subaru Sambar Clutch Replacement

The Subaru Sambar is a mini truck manufactured by the Subaru company. This mini truck’s logo is a six-star, distinguishing it from other mini trucks. Subaru is famous for manufacturing sedans, wagons, and mid-size SUVs. This company also produces a reliable mini truck. It is an excellent small truck whose capabilities do not match its physical appearance. Like any other manual vehicle, Subaru sambar has three pedals, the accelerator, clutch, and brake. In this guide, we will go through how to know when to make a Subaru Sambar clutch replacement.

Subaru Sambar Clutch System

The clutch is standard on the manual transmission. It is necessary when you want to change the gear of your mini truck. When shifting the gears, you must step on the clutch pedal, shift the gear lever, and then release the clutch pedal. Why do you have to step on the clutch pedal? The clutch links the transmission with the engine. Pressing the clutch pedal makes the clutch separate the engine from the transmission, making it easier to change the gears. The role played by the clutch exposes it to tear and wear with time. How will you notice that your clutch has started wearing out?

Three Signs That Your Clutch is Wearing Out

In case the clutch of your mini truck fails, you will not be able to change the gears, and driving your manual transmission Subaru Sambar will be difficult. This article discusses the three main signs you will notice when your clutch becomes faulty.

When the Clutch Pedal becomes Sticky

The clutch relies on the hydraulic system to operate. If it fails, the pedal may stick to the floor or become challenging when you press it. Solving this is relatively easy because you will adjust the link between the hydraulics and the clutch. In some instances, this might happen because of hydraulic fluid leakages, reducing the pressure. To solve this, you will have to buy a new clutch plate and install it.

When the Gear Starts to Slip

Suppose you engage in new gear and realize that your Subaru Sambar is disengaging automatically, or it slips back to neutral. In that case, the clutch plate is worn out, and you should replace it as soon as possible. In some instances, oil leakages might make the gears slip because the excess oil will make the clutch plate very slippery.

When You Feel a Burning Smell

At driving school, when you first drove a manual transmission, you experienced a burning smell when you were accelerating. It is normal because you were learning how to drive. After using your Sambar for a while and it starts to develop this burning smell, it indicates that your clutch plate is worn out and you should replace it.


Please pay attention to all the signs that your Subaru Sambar is giving you despite which part produces them. Mini trucks commonly have a manual transmission system, and the clutch eases the process of shifting from one gear to another. These three signs will be commonly given by your Sambar when the clutch becomes faulty. When you feel any of them,   seek mechanical advice as soon as possible.

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