Mazda Scrum Clutch Replacement

The Mazda Scrum is a minivan and a mini truck produced by Mazda, one of the largest automaker. The target market for its first production was the Japanese market. The popularity of this mini truck grew, and later it started finding its way outside the Japanese market. The appetite for Mazda Scrum grew because of its unimaginable capabilities and fewer demands. It has the basic features of a manual transmission in the driver’s cabin, such as the accelerator, the foot brakes, and the clutch pedals. Besides these, it also has a gear lever. Many Mazda scrum uses the manual transmission system. In this guide, we will go through a guide on when to do Mazda Scrum clutch replacement.

An Overview Of The Clutch

A standard engine is composed of two shafts, the one from the engine and the one that rotates the wheels. The two rotating shafts are what transmit the power to the wheels. A manual transmission has a clutch in between the two shafts. The primary function of the clutch here is to engage and disengage the two shafts as the vehicle moves. When the clutch pedal is pressed, it will disconnect the driving shaft and the driven shaft, but the engine will still be running. The clutch enables drivers to shift from one gear to another as they drive smoothly. As much as the clutch plays an important role, it sometimes malfunctions. 

Signs of a Faulty Clutch 

When the Clutch Pedal becomes Soft

As you drive the Mazda Scrum, your clutch pedal will become soft with time. Never take it for granted if this happens because it signifies the clutch is faulty. How will you know that the clutch pedal is soft? When you press it, it goes to the floor smoothly. Sometimes, the clutch pedal itself might be hard to press. It is also another sign of a bad clutch. 

When your Gear Slips

The inability to hold gears is a sign of a faulty clutch. The gears sometimes might slip, this happens when you change them, but your Mazda Scrum cannot hold and run on the new gear. For example, you shift to gear three and realize that it goes to gear two on its own. It might also move to neutral apart from moving to the next gear.

When you Hear a Grinding Sound when Changing Gears

The metallic components of the clutch that holds gears wear out with time, and this is another cause of the grinding sound when changing gears in your Mazda Scrum. The grinding sound results from the poor timing between the shifting gears and the clutch pedals. If this sound persists, then you should consider checking your clutch.

Sticky Clutch Pedal

The clutch pedal is made so that it automatically goes to its original position when you press and release your foot. If you step on it and it refuses to leave the floor, it indicates that your clutch is faulty, and you should seek a mechanical check-up. 


Always give your Mazda Scrum listening ears. The clutch might be faulty when you hear and feel the above signs. The only solution to a faulty clutch is taking your mini truck to an experienced mechanic to check it up.

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