When Do Spark Plugs Need To Be Changed In a Truck

Most truck owners believe that the problem lies with the battery when they have starting difficulty but the reality is that spark plugs could be the cause. At the same time, this can be the case, but there are other reasons for starting issues. A faulty spark plug can also make it hard for your engine to start and run effectively. 

The spark plugs are small but perform an elephant role to start and run the engine. It is the role of the spark plug to initiate the combustion of gasoline and air in the cylinders. Internal combustion engines greatly depend on this to generate power to cause motion.

The spark plugs, therefore, need to be in good condition to offer a reliable performance. These signs show an ideal time to change the spark plugs.

The Check Engine Light

Modern engines have several sensors that monitor how they function. It is the responsibility of these sensors to give a warning if a specific part of the engine becomes faulty. When the spark plug of your truck is faulty, the sensor will take the information to the engine control module, which will, in turn, show an engine check light on the dashboard of your engine.

When an engine misfire accompanies the check light, it is evident that your spark plug is faulty. A lashing engine check light signals a severe issue worth not ignoring. 

Troubles When Starting Your Truck

The spark plugs provide the spark that initiates the combustion in the engine. When they are old or worn out, it becomes hard for them to generate a spark that initiates combustion. You will experience difficulty when starting your engine, and sometimes your truck can stall on the highway. When this happens, consider checking and replacing your spark plugs.

Poor Fuel Economy

When the spark plugs are in their last stages of failure, your truck will consume a lot of fuel. Worn-out spark plugs will not generate the adequate spark to burn fuel in the engine, therefore, the excess fuel will move to the exhaust system.

Rough Idle

It is essential to let your truck idle, and when idling, you will quickly notice if your engine is healthy or if something is amiss. If your spark plugs become faulty, your truck will develop a rough idling. The engine will produce rattling or pinging sounds. When you notice this, consider checking and replacing your spark plugs.

Slow Acceleration

When your spark plug is faulty, you will note your truck is taking time to accelerate whenever you press the gas pedal. A faulty spark plug will not be able to generate sparks to cause combustion in the cylinders. An internal combustion engine depends on the combustion of gasoline and air in the cylinder to generate power.

 When you press the gas pedal, more gasoline moves to the combustion chamber, and equally, the air supply also goes up. If your spark plug is healthy, it will effectively generate a spark to burn all the air-fuel mixture. 


The role that spark plugs play categorizes them as the part of an engine that needs regular inspection and maintenance. The above are the signs you will note when your truck needs new spark plugs. Manufacturers also recommend changing spark plugs after 80,000 miles.

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