When should I Get My Truck Engine Maintenance?

Adhering to the engine maintenance of the truck prolongs its life, thus reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and costly repairs. Care for the truck engine is also essential for the safe operation of the truck. Every truck owner and enthusiast should know when to maintain their engines. Here are the signs of engine maintenance worth knowing.

Signs of Truck Engine Maintenance

When you note the below signs from the engine, take your truck for maintenance as soon as possible.

Poor performance 

If your truck’s overall performance has become abysmal or your truck is developing poor fuel economy, the cause can be a clogged air filter, faulty fuel pump, or injectors. Take your truck for inspection cleaning or a change of filters. 

Experiencing Brake Issues

The immediate effect should be taken when changes are experienced in how the brakes feel or work. The changes experienced may include vibration due to heating brakes, a squishy feeling during the pressing of the brake pedal, strange noises when applying the brakes, and the truck pulling on one side during braking. 


Oil, transmission fluid, and wiper fluids are some of the many fluids involved in keeping the truck running smoothly. Thus, leakage of any of the fluids can leave the truck vulnerable to failure or severe damage. Therefore, any leakage from your truck should be looked at. Sometimes you may spot a pool of liquid where you previously packed, which is a sign of fluid leakage.

Colored Exhaust Smoke

Smoke is hazardous not only to the truck but also to health. Therefore, take immediate action whenever your truck starts to produce unusual smoke.

White smoke may be a result of overheating. Usually, when coolant leaks and finds its way of getting into the combustion chamber.

Black smoke indicates that your truck is burning fuel, and the air filter or the fuel injectors could be faulty. 

Blue or gray smoke shows oil leakage into the combustion chamber. The cause of this can be faulty piston rings. The rings offer a tight sealing for oil does not get into the cylinders.

Unusual Noises

Unusual noises from the engine result from low oil in the engine. When your truck uses a timing chain, you will also feel the noise when the timing is poor since the chain will be loose.

 Warning Dashboard Lights

The dashboard is where the ECM displays various issues with your truck. A check light appears on the dashboard whenever a sensor records a problem with the engine. In such a scenario, consider knowing the reason for the appearance of the check light and fix it.

Odors From Inside The Truck

It is dangerous to feel a bad engine smell from the cabin of your truck. If there is a strong odor in the exhaust, it could be a sign of engine damage. Thus, consider checking the engine.


The truck’s engine is a complicated system requiring regular servicing to keep it at optimum power. Knowing the exact part of the engine with the problem will help the mechanic understand where to focus and efficiently diagnose. Therefore, the above signs will help determine when your truck needs engine maintenance.

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