Should I Have My Truck Rotors Resurfaced Or Replaced?

Should I have my truck rotors resurfaced or replaced? The brake pads and engine oil both require regular maintenance. Both do a crucial job which exposes them to regular tear and wears. The brake pads are the life savers when you need an emergency brake. On the other hand, the engine oil prolongs and saves the engine’s life. Due to the crucial roles both play, your truck manufacturer will advise you that you should regularly service the engine oil and the brake pads. 

Should I Have My Truck Rotors Resurfaced Or Replaced?

You already know the importance of brakes on your trucks and how regularly you should service the brake pads. But what about the brake rotors? Do they also need regular service and maintenance? After reading this guide, you will know more about brake rotor servicing or replacement.

What Is A Brake Rotor?

Modern trucks use the disc braking system, and a brake rotor is one of the components of the disc braking system. The rotor is a metallic component connected to the wheel hub and connects to the wheel. The rotor will always spin as your wheel spins. Depending on the type of rims your truck has, if you have alloy rims, you will easily spot the brake rotors as a shiny metallic component of the braking system.

You will realize that the brake pads sandwich the brake rotors. When you press your truck’s brake pedal, the brake calipers will clump, making the brake pads squeeze against the brake rotor. The squeezing generates friction which stops your truck. The brake pads are made up of organic components, semi-metallic and ceramic materials, which wear out due to friction. And this is the reason why you need to change the brake pads regularly. 

Brake rotors, on the other hand, are made of heavy-duty materials, but this does not prevent them from wearing off. They also grow thinner with time. If you use your truck to haul heavy loads and do more aggressive braking, your rotors will develop spots. The type of brake pads you use affects the lifespan of your brake rotors. The quality of your rotors also affects their lifespan. It would help if you kept your rotors in good shape by servicing them well. Proper servicing entails either resurfacing or replacing the rotors. 

Resurfacing VS. Replacing

Rotors resurfacing is an option in an event when your technician measures the rotors and finds that their thickness is optimum as per the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Replacing might be the better option following the fact that the latest rotors are less expensive as compared to ones of the past. In the past, the brake rotors were very thick and heavy, which is why most technicians performed resurfacing. 

If you ignored warnings about replacing your brake rotors and the metal-to-metal grinding has extensively damaged them, consider a replacement but not resurfacing.

Some truck manufacturers prefer replacing the rotors to resurfacing. They suggest you replace your rotors after covering between 40 – 70 miles. 


The brake pads regularly press upon the brake rotors. If the pads are worn out, the metallic parts will rub against the rotor and damage it. Brake rotor resurfacing and replacing are some ways of maintaining the brake rotors.

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