How To Choose The Best Clutch Fluid For Trucks

Trucks with manual transmission depend on fluids to change the pressure between the master and slave cylinders. It is a bit different from an automatic transmission system. If you press the clutch pedal, the clutch fluid moves from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder. This movement allows you to change gears. It is the brake fluid used in the clutch system, you will hear people talking of conventional transmission or the hydraulic clutch, but in the real sense, the fluid they are referring to is the brake fluid. How do you choose the best clutch fluid for trucks? This is what we will cover in this guide.

Gradually, the brake fluid level in the clutch system will reduce. On such an occasion, you will need to top it up. If you realize a drastic change in the quantity of this fluid in the master cylinder, there might be leakages in the system, and you should visit a professional to perform a thorough check-up.

How To Tell If Your Clutch Fluid Is Low

Grinding Gears

The gears will grind when less fluid flows from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder, leading to friction and tension between the gears.

Whenever your gears start to grind, always check the level of the fluids in your master cylinder.

Vibration When Changing Gears

Whenever you feel vibrations when changing gears, the level of your clutch fluid might be low. The process of changing gears should be smooth when everything is working perfectly. If the clutch fluid level is down, you will feel vibration due to resistance when changing gears.

Slipping Gears

If you feel your gears are slow to respond when shifting, check the condition of the clutch fluid. Never leave your truck to run for long with such an issue because it might cause other significant problems. 

Lurching When Changing Gears

Lurching indicates a problem with the clutch system. It is a warning that your clutch fluid is low. If the clutch fluid is low, your truck will lurch back and forward when changing gears.

When the Gear shifter Becomes Hard

Low lubrication makes the gear shifter become hard. The clutch reservoir will run low every time, and you must keep refilling. If the resistance persists, consider topping up the clutch fluid.

Tips For Choosing the Best Quality Clutch Fluid For Trucks

It is necessary to know when your clutch system requires more clutch fluid. Such knowledge will enable you to choose the correct clutch fluid for your truck. Let us now look at some of the tips that will aid you in selecting a good quality.

Select the Best Brand of DOT4 Brake Fluid – DOT4 is a high-quality brake fluid with a high wet boiling point, making it safe against vapor lock. This fluid is ideal for both heavy and light-duty trucks. 

When choosing a clutch fluid, never go for the expensive one, thinking it is of higher quality. The content is just the same.

Never use a DOT-5 because it contains silicon and hence can never mix with other brake fluids, and it can easily damage your transmission system. 


It is ideal to know when your truck needs clutch fluid and choose the suitable fluid which cannot damage your transmission system

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