Shell 15w40 For Suzuki F6a – Choosing Good Oil For Your Mini Truck

Lubrication plays an important role in any vehicle. The fact that there are moving parts and a lot of heat is experienced in a vehicle when the fuel is burned means that there is need to use oil and grease where necessary. The choice of oil and lubrication products is very important and the wrong choice could spell the difference between getting good performance and poor reliability. In short, if you want o get good service from your vehicle, you should make sure you pick the right oil for the vehicle. In this guide, let’s look at Shell Rotella 15w40 for Suzuki F6A engine relation and whether the oil is good enough foe the mini truck.

Are the Shell Rotella 15w40 good enough for the Suzuki f6a engine? Shell has been in the oil industry for ages. Their experienced goes beyond refining oils and they have also been able to come up with the best oil that gives auto owners good performance and reliability. This is to say that their Rotella 15W40 is among the best engine oil that is loved by many drivers and vehicle owners. They are good generally and would be also good for the Japanese mini trucks. But what exactly makes oil good? Howe do you know if you should get certain engine oil? Below are things that one would consider when choosing the right engine oil.

Choosing The Right Engine Oil For Mini Trucks

Here are considerations when you are choosing the right engine oil for your mini truck.

Oil Viscosity

Viscosity simply translates to the flow. Just the way water flows faster than honey, it is said to have less viscosity than the layer. The higher the viscosity, more energy is needed to pump the oil in the engine, You may want to have a good balanced viscosity to get the bets results.

Type Of Oil

There are two main types of oil. Engine oil can either be mineral oil or synthetic. They are self explanatory from their names. Synthetic oils tend to be more reliable as compared to mineral oil. There is also a blend of the two which means you get the best of both oils.


To the surprise of many, oils too are certified for their quality. There are some that do not get certified and those should be avoided because it simply means that they do not meet the quality standards. They could be cheaper but that doesn’t mean you can count on it to give you the best performance.


Vehicles need to be well maintained, and this also applies to Japanese mini trucks like Suzuki Carry. The maintenance also includes changing oil. But how does one know the right oil to go for? Of course not every oil out there is good. Some will not get you the performance that you need. Shared above are some of the pointers into choosing the right engine oil. Shell 15w40 For Suzuki F6a tends to be good according to many mini truck owners.

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