Honda Acty Engine Mods – Upgrading Engine Performance

Honda Acty is a Japanese mini truck and among the best selling in that category. The compact mini truck delivers and there is no better word to describe that. However, for consistency in performance and reliability, the vehicle needs to be well maintained regularly. But it also comes a time when the vehicle wears out and the performance significantly reduces. This calls for a good upgrade to the main system. In this guide, we will go through some of the top Honda Acty engine mods and other improvements to upgrade the mini truck. This should help restore or make the vehicle even more powerful.

Honda Acty Engine Mods

Below are some of the top Honda Acty engine mods that you need to consider to make the mini truck more powerful and stronger.

Engine Swap

When the vehicle performance goes low regardless of the kind of good maintenance that you give it, then perhaps the engine has outlived its functioning. At such a time, you should consider switching the engine. It is kind of a length and complex procedure which requires an expert to handle it. However, it is well worth it if done perfectly. This usually restores or gives the vehicle even more power.

It goes without mentioning that engine swap is a process that requires one to be keen on the engine that they are getting. You need o make sure that everything adds up well. Besides that, you need to have the budget actor in mind.

Adding Turbo

Turbo is something that many people have always considered to supercharge and improve the power in their vehicle. We have seen it mostly with other vehicles including pick up trucks and trucks in general. But can one add turbo to their Japanese mini truck too and get a higher performance. You need to first ask yourself if you really need the extra power because it also affects fuel consumption. Besides that it is a bit costly and complex which means it could take some time.

2WD To 4WD Conversion

Away from the engine tweaking and upgrades, you can give the vehicle better in terms of maneuverability. If you have a 2 wheel drive Honda Acty and want to get a 4WD transmission system fitted in it, then you have some procedures to follow. Having a 4 wheel drive transmission means that you have better maneuverability under bad roads and poor terrains.

Switching to a 4 wheel transmission is however a complicated procedure which means changing things including the gear box. It is time consuming and expensive, so be prepared to spend. However, in the end, you will have a more capable vehicle.


Honda Acty is among the top Japanese mini trucks that one would consider getting. They are powerful and dependable. However, some people need extra power and performance. Shared above are some of the tip engine mods and tweaks one could consider.

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