Replacing Oil filter of A Japanese Mini Truck

Japanese mini trucks are among the most popular vehicles in the auto industry. These are vehicles that are designed by some of the leading automakers across the globe. These vehicles have stood the test of time and will deliver good service and go a long way. Maintenance of the vehicle is however necessary and you need to do it regularly. But of course there are situations that would make the vehicle need some replacement. Some parts get worn out. Japanese mini trucks like other vehicles need these parts to be replaced once in a while. In this guide we will particularly go through the reasons of replacing an oil filter in Japanese mini trucks.

Oil filters are among the most crucial parts of the vehicle, and without proper maintenance or replacement of this part, then you may not get the best of the vehicle. Before delving onto why you need to replace an oil filter, let us first look at the importance of an oil filter.

Purpose OF A Vehicle Oil Filter

A vehicle oil filter is used to filter the oil that enters the vehicle engine system. The impurities that are removed in the process includes carbon residues as well as other debris like small metallic objects. So, it is just like a sieve that filters out anything foreign that can enter and damage the engine of the vehicle. However, one thing that you have to remember is that an oil filter needs to be changed after sometime. This is because after sometime, the filter tends to get clogged after collecting a lot of things while filtering the oil. So, it is important to replace it. Without replacing it, then some impurities could start to pass through which could damage the engine.

It is however important to keep in mind the fact that engine oil filters vary from each other. It is important to choose a good quality oil filter which is original. There are many knockoffs you will come across and these will not get you the best service. Below are some of the advantages you get with a good quality genuine oil filter.

Parts On An Oil Filter

To further understand the functioning of an oil filter, here are some of the parts that make it.

Textured elements

The first part that is crucial in an oil filter is the element. For an original mini truck oil filter, expect it to be a dual-textured element. It is usually fine textured on the inside and coarse on the outer side. The combination and engineering behind this texturing has been proven to be the best way to offer oil filtration. Any other design could work but might not go  along way.

Gasket Sealing

Yet another crucial thing that you need to look out for is the sealing on the oil filter. A good one that is genuine should be well sealed to provide optimum heat resistance, durability. The gasket is usually made of acrylic rubber gaskets.

Dual Valves

Oil filters have evolved through the years and some of the genuine latest ones that you should be considering are those made with two valves. The two valves ensures the continuous functioning of the oil filter. There is a bypass valve that ensures the oil passes even if there is clogging on the filter. The other valve is designed to avoid back flow of oil from the engine. They are both essential in ensuring continuous functionality and protecting the engine.

Why Get An Original Oil Filter For Mini Truck?

Here is why your Japanese mini truck deserves an original oil filter:

High Quality Filtration – Your engine remains an important part of the vehicle. This is why you shouldn’t take chances with knockoff parts and devices such as oil filter. There are many in the market and most of them are made with low quality materials. This makes the filtration system poor.

Good Oil Circulation – Continuous smooth flow of oil to the engine is crucial. This can however happen when you have a good quality oil filter. Some oil filters lack proper filtration due to poor construction materials, and this yet another reason to stick with the genuine ones.

Better durability – As we always know, anything that is sub-standard does not last long. Quality is crucial and that is why you need an oil filter that is made using good materials. This will guarantee you that the oil filter will serve its purpose while also going a long way in terms of durability.

There is reason to always be afraid of the non-original oil filter as well as parts for your Japanese mini truck. There are lots of parts which you will find in the market, but they will cause yo more hard than good. Using them will see your vehicle in more trouble than you already had. The temptation of going for cheap oil filters and other parts due to their cheap price should be avoided. Getting the higher priced oil filter is a better investment and will guarantee you better results in the long run.


Japanese mini trucks are amazing vehicles. They have stood the test of time and will always guarantee you the best in terms of performance. However, to get the best out of these vehicles, you also have to take good car of them. Regularly checking the oil isn’t enough. You need to do regular servicing and ensure that work out parts including oil filters are regularly replaced. This revitalizes the vehicle and makes it work as if it is new. Getting genuine parts is also something that you have to make sure is well addressed.

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