Making Basic Mechanical Servicing For A Mini Truck

Kei mini trucks have always stood out. These vehicles are loved by many because of their high quality and performance. They can do pretty much anything that one would want or expect the to do. Some people have even compared the Japanese mini trucks to the standard pick up trucks. But with their considerably smaller size and ability to squeeze a lot of power and torque, the mini truck would be a preferred option for many people. Sometimes you do not need a lot of horsepower to make things work for you. So, why would you buy a highly priced vehicle when you can get a mini truck for a fraction of the cost. However, at times these vehicles need to be well maintained. This is the case with any other vehicle out there. So in this guide, we will go through some of the important basis mechanical servicing you can do to your vehicle.

Top Basic Mechanical Servicing For Mini Trucks

Here are some of the most basic yet important things that you should be knowing and be able to make the fixes yourself.

Changing a Flat Tire

Perhaps the first and the most crucial thing that you need to learn as an owner of a Japanese mini truck is how to change a flat tire. You never know when you could experience a tire burst or a slow puncture. And this is why learning how to change the tire is crucial. This is especially if you frequently use rough terrain or all weather roads.

Here are quick steps for that.

  • Using a wrench you need to loosen the lug nuts on the tires.
  • Then, you should lift the vehicle with a jack.
  • Next, open the lug nuts fully and remove them.
  • Remove the faulty tire and replace it with a good one.
  • Screw in the lug nuts.
  • Lower the jack to bring the vehicle down.
  • Ensure the lug nuts are well tightened.

Jumpstarting The Mini Truck

Jumpstsring a car is yet another important thing that one should know under basic mechanical servicing. It is a skill that can help you when you are cornered and are in trouble where the mini truck cannot start. Knowing skills like jumpstarting the vehicle would be very crucial instead of waiting for a tow truck by the roadside or in the jungle. Here are steps to jumpstart the mini truck;

  • Bring a vehicle that is running perfectly next to your stalled mini truck.
  • Put both vehicles on neutral gear and tun them off.
  • Take a red clip from the positive terminal of the good vehicle and place it on the positive terminal of your mini truck.
  • As for the negative terminal, connect one end to the good car’s negative battery terminal and clip it on an unpainted metal surface of your stalled mini truck.
  • Start the vehicle and it should run normal.
  • After the vehicle engine is running, ensure that you have removed the terminals and placed your battery terminals as it is supposed to be. After running the vehicle for sometime, it should be fully charged.

Making an Oil Change

Changing the oil is a simple procedure that you should be doing by yourself. You don’t need a mechanic or other expert to do this for a fee. Here are steps to changing your mini truck oil.

  • Find the drain plug and remove it.
  • After removing it, you should unsrew the filter to empty the old oil.
  • Screw it back when the oil is all drained oil.
  • Now you can pour the new oil. And Voila, it’s all done.

Changing the Mini Tuck Spark Plugs

Spark plugs play an important role in ensuring that the pistons have power and the engine revolution keeps going as it should. Problematic spark plugs will give the vehicle some issues such as poor gas mileage, starting the car and rough engine idling. You should therefore change the plugs regularly without waiting for them to break down or become faulty. Here are steps to follow;

  • Open the hood and find the spark plug you want to change.
  • Next, you need to disconnect the wire that connects to the spark plug.
  • Then just make the replacement using a new spark plug.
  • After that, just reconnect the wire and you are done.

Changing the Battery

Changing the battery of your vehicle is one of the simplest things. Yet there are people who need to go to the repair shop. That is some disfavor you are doing to yourself. Here are the steps to change your mini truck battery.

  • The first thing you should do once you have accessed the battery is to remove the covers if there are any on the battery.
  • Disconnect the terminal cables from the battery starting with the negative one.
  • Remove the old battery and place the new one on.
  • Put back the battery terminals and cover it as you found it.

Changing the Wiper Blades

Sometimes the wiper blades wear out. This is the norm with every moving parts of a vehicle. When they wear out, you will start experiencing issues such as improper wiping and in worse scenarios you may even see a scratch on the windscreen.

  • To replace the wiper blades, just lift the wiper away from the windshield. Then press a tab or with older versions, remove the screw it has and then take off the wiper.
  • Next, put the new wiper blade in place following the procedure you used when removing. Then put back the wiper to the windshield as it should be.

Replacing The Brake Pads

Another thing that most people do not know is that they can easily replace the brake pads without really having a mechanic do that. Braking system of a vehicle is very important and making these changes are crucial. Here are steps to changing the brake pads of the vehicle;

  • Using a jack, lift the car to access the wheel.
  • Remove the tires of the vehicle to access slider bolts.
  • Remove the bolts and the old brake pads.
  • Put the new brake pads in place where you removed the old ones. Make sure that they are well secured with the slider pads.
  • Finally, put the tires back on and secure them tightly as they were before.

Hopefully, these guides on making quick basic mechanical servicing should help you make you mini truck run normally as it should.