Replacing Fuel Pump in a Suzuki Carry

Suzuki Carry is one of the Kei trucks with the most resilient body and engine. Its body is made of steel, making it solid and durable. It has a small yet robust engine capable of handling daily tasks without fatigue or breaking down. The four-wheel-drive version of Suzuki Carry can easily tow heavy loads and tackle rugged terrain. For this mini truck to give you the best services over a long period, you need to take care of it, service it at the right time and be sensitive to signs it gives when its parts are not functioning correctly: for example, the fuel pump. In this guide, we will be looking at replacing fuel pump in a Suzuki Carry mini truck.

How Fuel Pumps Work In a Vehicle

Fuel is essential for any combustion engine to generate energy used in motion. It mixes with oxygen in the combustion chamber, and the mixture burns to produce energy. Most fuel tanks are not within the engine, so there is a need for fuel to flow to the engine in a given uniform proportion. The fuel pump facilitates fuel flow, ensuring the fuel reaches the combustion chamber at the required pressure and quantity.

This function stresses and wears out the pump with time. When the fuel pump of your mini truck is faulty, you will experience signs such as hard starting, stopping unexpectedly while in motion, and less power while going up a hill or carrying a load. In this case, here is what to do to replace your fuel pump.

Replacing Fuel Pump in a Suzuki Carry

Practice safety before replacing the fuel pump of your Suzuki Carry. Put on safety glasses and gloves. Ensure there is no fire close to your working area; always have a fire extinguisher ready. Do the following to replace the faulty fuel pump.

Lift your mini truck and safely remove the fuel tank. You can drain it in a clean container if it has some fuel. Clean the fuel tank. Locate the fill lines and pull the supporting clamps to drop the fuel tank. After removing the supporting clamps, pull the fill lines, and the fuel tank will come out.

You will see all the fuel lines and wire connectors and disconnect them. Clean the upper part of the fuel tank and pull out the pump retaining ring.

Detach the pump assembly. It would help if you had the new pump assembly while doing this. While doing this, remember that some old pump assembly parts will be essential in assembling the new one.

After installing the new fuel pump and the retaining ring, gently raise the fuel pump to reconnect the fuel lines and the wire connectors. Reattach the straps and the fill lines to the tank. Refill the fuel tank and ignite the engine. As the engine is running, inspect any possible leakages.


Safety should be your priority when changing the fuel pump to avoid fuel-related accidents. If you are unsure about yourself, take your Suzuki Carry to the mechanic to help you do this. When installing a new fuel pump, accompany it with new fuel filters.

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