Changing Mazda Scrum Fuel Pump

It is fantastic to own a Mazda Scrum. The demands of this mini truck are minimal, yet it will offer you the best services. This mini truck consumes significantly less fuel, and the cost of servicing it is lower than a standard pickup truck. Owning this mini truck requires hacks that will help you take care of it. More important is understanding your Mini truck, how it behaves when in good condition, and when it requires a mechanical check-up. Let us focus on the fuel pump and particularly changing Mazda Scrum fuel pump

How Well Do You Know The Fuel Pump?

The engine of a Mazda Scrum has a displacement of 658cc. This small displacement makes it consume significantly less fuel. But how does the fuel reach the engine? Between the fuel tank and the engine are the fuel tubes, the channels fuel follows to move from the fuel tank to the engine fuel injectors. For fuel to travel to the engine injectors, there has to exist some pressure for this. The fuel pump provides the pressure and, apart from this, promotes a continuous flow of fuel to the engine injectors.

Occasionally, the fuel pump might become faulty. You will realize this when your Mazda scrum becomes too weak to go up a hill or to tow loads, when the engine goes off unceremoniously and when you experience difficulty starting the engine. These signs are related to a malfunctioning fuel pump.

Changing Mazda Scrum Fuel Pump

Before you start the procedure, bare in the back of your mind that you are handling fuel. Accidents related to it are fatal. Ensure you are doing this produce in a fire-free place, and have the fire extinguisher just in case of fire. Protect your eyes by wearing glasses, and wear gloves as well. After considering safety, this is how you replace the fuel pump for your Mazda Scrum.

Slightly lift your mini truck so that you can access the fuel tank. Confirm whether there is fuel in the tank. If you find any, drain it in a very clean container.

You will see clamps on the fill lines. Remove these clamps. After doing this, support your fuel tank, so it does not bang the ground. After disconnecting the fuel tank, Clean it using a rug. Cleaning is necessary for the removal of any impurity that might find itself in the tank as you remove the fuel pump.

You will see the fuel lines and the wire connectors. Disconnect them. After doing this, gently clean the upper part of the tank and disconnect the pump retaining ring.

Remove the entire fuel pump and replace it with a new set. As you perform this, you can check the parts of the previous fuel pumps, which can be important when installing the new fuel pump system. 

After successful completion of the installation of the new fuel pump:

  1. Perform the reverse procedure to restore your fuel tank.
  2. Put some fuel in the tank, then ignite your engine.
  3. As the engine runs, perform an inspection of any leakage. 


Strive to give your Mazda Scrum’s engine more power and lifespan by being alert to note a faulty fuel pump in time. If you ignore it, it might evolve into a significant issue.

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