Replacing Daihatsu Hijet Brake Pads

Hijet Kei truck is in its league in terms of practicality and reliability. From looks, one can undermine it, but sure it delivers. It has the power for towing loads and working the whole day. The steel used in building its body makes it vital to handle any task. It has a small engine yet is very powerful. Daily use of the Hijet Kei truck implies that the brake pads are in action. As the brake pads function, they will wear out with time. Here is a detailed guide with step-by-step pointers on replacing Daihatsu Hijet brake pads.

What are the Functions of Brake Pads

Elmer Ambrose Sperry invented disk brakes in 1898. The disks have brake pads that are close to the brake disk. When the brakes are applied, the brake fluid leaves the cylinders to the brake pads, where they are engaged to press the brake disk. The gradual pressing of the brake disk brings a halt to the vehicle.

Signs of a worn out Brake Pads

Relate the below warnings to malfunctioned Daihatsu Hijet brake pads.

Grinding Sound when braking

This Sound is usually sharp and might interfere with the ear drum. When you engage the brake pedal and hear this Sound, consider replacing your worn-out brake pads.

Shaky brake pedals

When you feel your brake pedals or even the steering wheel is shaky, the brake pads are passing you a message that they are exhausted and worn out.

Brake check light on the dashboard

Your dashboard will sense and alert you that there is a problem with the brakes system. When the light appears, never ignore it.

Procedure for Replacing Daihatsu Hijet Brake Pads

Here are crucial steps that one should take when they are replacing the brake pads of their Daihatsu Hijet mini truck.

  1. Ensure the mini truck is parked on level ground and gently loosen the wheel’s lug nuts. Jack the vehicle until it suspends the wheel, then remove the lug nuts. Remove the wheel.
  2. You will see the brake disk and the pads on it. Two bolts are holding the pads in place. Locate these bolts and loosen the lower one.
  3. After the removal of the lower bolt, remove the pad. The brake line will still hold the brake pad. This rubber should not hinder you from removing the brake pad.
  4. Remove everything that might be holding the brake pad, then remove them. While holding pads, assess whether they are suitable for use or worn out.
  5. If you decide to replace the old pads, remove the old retaining clips because the new brake pads come with new ones. Install the new retaining clips. Lubricate the retaining clips with graphite-based grease.
  6. After installing the retaining clips, put your new brake pads and lock them in place.
  7. At this point, take back the calliper. You will be required to pull back the pistons to fit the new brake pads, which are a little bigger. To do this, you have to reduce the pressure of the brake fluid and then retract the pistons.
  8. After fixing the calliper, tighten the lower bolt you had previously removed. Fix the wheel and lower the jack.

Shared above are some of the guidelines essential for replacing the brake pads of Daihatsu Hijet. They can also be applicable for some other mini trucks.

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