So you’ve decided to buy a Japanese Kei truck and are probably wondering where to start. Well, you’re in the right place. This post dives deeper into some of the questions you should ask yourself before buying this agile, lightweight kei truck.

Should I buy Used Of New Mini Truck?

The appeal of owning a new truck is very deeply attractive. Not to mention that a new Kei truck might last longer. Buying a used one is also beneficial – more options for your budget and the undeniable financial upside. These are just some of the factors to weigh before you start looking.

What is the best Kei Truck?

The answer to this question will vary from one owner to the next. One might say, “ Subaru Samba! That’s it!” and another, “Suzuki Carry for life.” Kei trucks are reliable tiny vehicles. However, the most reliable Kei truck for you will be one with the features most important to you. Stick to the top manufacturers and seek out the reviews and opinions of current or previous Kei truck owners.

What kind of maintenance does it need?

Typical to other vehicles, the Japanese mini trucks needs maintenance like oil changes, brakes, tires and

regular service. Another thing to consider is that parts for these trucks are more difficult to find compared to those of other cars. You may decide to substitute the exact spare parts at the auto store for one similar enough to work.

Sometimes you may need to import parts, so be sure to have the truck inspected before purchase to ensure it will not need a lot of work.

How long will it last?

You might be wondering how long the truck will serve your needs.

Well, a Kei truck usually lasts around 100,000 miles or more. Although it’s easy to find a well-maintained Kei truck, its utility will depend on how the previous owner used it. Some owners are known to use them for personal transport while others use them for heavy-duty logging of people or goods. A lightly used truck lasts longer than a constantly used one. Be sure to ask for a maintenance report if buying from a dealership.

You should also consider how the truck will be used and maintained. Will you be driving for long distances, carrying heavy loads, driving on rough terrain, and regularly over-revving the engine? All well-maintained Kei trucks last longer.

How much is a Kei Truck?

A new Japanese mini truck goes for about $20,000. A used one ranges between $2000 and $8000. The price of the Kei truck depends on whether you’re buying from a local dealer or importing one. The age and condition of the mini-truck also factor in a lot.


Whether you’re looking for a business utility car or a fun car to drive around in, you’ve made your choice or are still looking; you now have what you need to compare different models. Give yourself time to research what’s out there.

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