Mini Truck – Dump Bed Vs Flatbed Vs Scissor Lift

japanese mini trucks

If you have always admired the Japanese mini trucks in general, then you are not alone, and you are in for something good. These vehicles have stood the test of time and are used in many places across the globe for the simple reason that they have excellent performance and stand out in many other aspects. They are in more than few ways compared to the pick up trucks and some experts even consider them to be way better in terms of efficiency and fuel economy.

These Japanese native vehicles are designed to be used mostly for hauling cargo among other stuff. However, they have been designed differently and hence suited for different purposes. In this comprehensive guide, we will go through 3 of the most common model designs hat you will come across in the market.

Dump Bed Vs Flatbed Vs Scissor Lift

How do dump bed mini trucks and scissor lift trucks compare? These are among the most popular mini truck models that one can find in the market, and below is an overview of each of these vehicles in an effort to get as glimpse of their design, purpose and deciding on which one is perfect for you. Here we go:

Dump Bed Mini Trucks

Dump bed mini trucks are the most popular of the mini trucks and they have stood the test of time. Their resemblance to pick up trucks and the added capability of the hydraulic dump makes it stand out and very functional in both carrying loads and unloading them with ease. Due to their design, these vehicles are the most popular and best selling models. They are made by multiple automakers which includes Subaru, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Honda and Mazda.

These vehicles are designed with amazing body structure and are meant to be used under pretty much any kind of terrain. So, if you need a vehicle that can easily maneuver the jungle or any other impassible road while carrying load, then the dump bed mini truck should be among the first in your list. This is all thanks to tan incredible engineering and the fact that these vehicles have been enhanced with 4 Wheel drive systems.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Flat bed mini truck are vehicles that are designed with a bed which is flat, just like the name suggests. They are meant to be used where carrying abnormally shaped and sized cargo is necessary.

There are many instances where the Japanese flat bed mini truck will come in handy. From carrying abnormal loads in your construction firm to equipment among others, the mini truck is really a useful vehicle that can change things. It comes well built with a hard body which makes it easily adapt to the outdoor and rugged environment.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

The less popular mini truck is still an incredible vehicle that stands out in terms of performance, functionality and cost effectiveness. It is designed and partially functions just the way a normal dump bed would do when carrying load. The only modification that it has which any other mini truck doesn’t have is the scissor structured skeleton. The structure is designed in order to raise the load to a higher level. This is mostly functional if you are looking for a way to raise a certain load either to a higher floor, level or building. This is definitely something that is hard to achieve with any other vehicle of a mini truck.

Like the dump bed mini truck and many other Japanese mini trucks, the Scissor lift mini truck is designed with a heavy duty body, high performance features and ingenious engineering that promises nothing short of excellence. If you need a vehicle to carry stuff and have them raised, then this is the vehicle that you can count on for that.

Uses And Applications Of Scissor Lift Truck

As aforementioned, there are countless of applications that the Scissor lift truck can be used for. First of all, you can use it to carry different types of loads all the time, just like you would with a dump bed mini truck or a pick up truck. And just in place of the dump bed function, this one is equipped with a high performance hydraulic system that helps to raise the bed to a higher level. Such applications can be used where one is moving things and want to raise them to a higher floor, or raise the bed to reach a certain level to access something. Whichever the case, there are many instances where people will find them to be very useful.

Should You Buy The Mini Truck?

There is absolutely nothing against the Japanese mini trucks. All you have to do is figure out the model that you want. The dump bed mini truck and the Scissor lift mini truck both have their own functional purposes with the carrying function being common since both vehicles can use the bed to carry different loads.

These vehicles in general have stood out and promises excellent performance even where some vehicles wouldn’t dare to go. These vehicles are also lauded for their good fuel economy which is something that is very welcomes when the prices of fuel keeps going high and the vehicles becoming heavy guzzlers. Lastly, the need to maintain Japanese mini trucks is amazingly low and the repairs being readily available is yet another reason to love them.

Final Word

Japanese mini tucks have become very popular across the globe, and getting yourself one of these vehicles would be amazing. You get to experience excellent performance, all thanks to the ingenious creativity and eons of engineering perfected by some of the leading automakers in the world. Depending on your line of work and what you intend to be using the mini tuck for, there are specialty vehicles which offer an equally powerful performance.

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