Suzuki Cary Vs Honda Acty Vs Subaru Samba Mini Trucks – Major Differences

Are you crazy about the Japanese mini trucks and want to get one for yourself? If so, then there must be a few options that you may have considered. among some of the top options that you may have come across as far as mini trucks are concerned could be Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty among other brands and models. In this guide, we will go through a comparison of Suzuki Carry vs Honda Acty vs Subaru Sambar in an effort to clarify and help users choose the best among these Japanese kei trucks.

But before delving onto comparing these amazing mini trucks, let’s first see some of the things worth mentioning on the kei trucks.

Understanding Japanese Mini Trucks

The mini trucks, or Kei mini truck as they are known by many are a breed of vehicles made in Japan. They have been around for many years and have been changing and getting improved over the years. There are many reasons why they are highly coveted and loved across the globe.

Mini trucks come in different customization models which make them useful in a wide range of tasks. This is therefore an upper hand as compared to pick up trucks and other similar trucks. You can choose to go with a dump bed truck, lat bed mini truck, caravan mini or even get a scissor lift mini truck among other models. Here are just a few things that makes them lovable by thousands upon thousands of people.

Incredible Performance

We all love a good vehicle that delivers, and the kei truck is one of them. These vehicles have even been compared to traditional pick up trucks an in some cases, they have even emerged having the upper hand. Considering that the pick up truck would cost more and would be more expensive to run, these vehicles are the real deal when it comes to performance.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are using it on-road or off-roading with it. The fact that it comes quipped with 4 X4  transmission makes it perfect fro use anywhere. So, if you need a reliable vehicle that is time tested, then the Japanese mini trucks will not disappoint.

Easy Maintenance

Repair and maintenance is something that is expected from every vehicle. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be breaking down all the time. That is unfortunately the case with many vehicles you will find in the market. Especially if you are dealing with a second hand vehicle that has been used before. But why not try out the Japanese mini trucks? These vehicles are exceptional when it comes to maintenance and repair needs. They are well made with strong body and chassis that will last forever. Not to mention their amazing engine and mechanical performance.

The other thing that makes these vehicles easy to maintain and repair is the fact that their spares are readily available, thanks to the fact that they are made by some of the leading automakers that have footholds across the globe.

Good Fuel Economy

If you have always hated how pick up trucks and other cargo carrying trucks can guzzle up a lot of fuel, then the kei truck could be for you. These vehicles are made with small engines, but optimized to offer high torque without taking up a lot of fuel. This means that for every gallon of fuel, you can do way more as compared to other type of vehicles like the pick up trucks.

If you are therefore looking for a vehicle that does a lot of work without taking a  lot of fuel, then you should highly consider getting yourself a Japanese mini truck. they are just as perfect and amazing as they are advertised.

Now that we have seen the advantages that come with these vehicles, let’s go through the 3 mini truck models and see whether they are worth investing your money on.

Suzuki Carry

Suzuki is without a doubt one of the best vehicle models in the market. Their market share is one of the best, and the reason behind it is that they make amazing vehicles that stand out. No automaker would survive decades if their vehicles weren’t as good as Suzuki’s. Their kei truck, dubbed Suzuki Carry has also been around for many decades and has been getting improved with every new release. They meet industry standards and the vehicle model is definitely worth investing your money on.

Honda Acty

Honda, just like Suzuki and other top Japanese automakers have a reputation that spans decades. They are hard-bodied vehicles that are designed to last, perform and work in carrying pretty much any kind of load. With the engineering experience, craftsmanship that dates back eons and an already established line that is loved by many customers across the globe, you can be rest assured you are getting a good vehicle that is dependable.

Like other mini trucks, there are several model customization that are meant to be used in a wide range of tasks. These vehicles can be used in anything ranging from hunting, carrying farm produce to construction materials.

Subaru Sambar

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Subaru is yet another automaker which is well known in the industry. although they are mostly known for salon and sedan vehicles, they are equally competent when it comes to making mini trucks. Their line of mini trucks range from dump bed, flat bed, caravan among other models.

These mini truck automakers come with almost similar specification, features and design. So, regardless of the one you opt to go with, you will not be disappointed.


Mini trucks have proven to be the ultimate vehicles when it comes to handling cargo and doing different tasks. By comparison, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry and Honda Acty aren’t very different as they are all close competitors that borrow from the same engineering and expertise.

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