Transmission Failure in Trucks – Knowing Before Its Too Late

How do you know about transmission failure in trucks before it is too late? The primary role of the engine in your truck is to generate power which is essential in the rotation of the wheels. The power from the engine reaches the wheels through the transmission system. The transmission is thus an essential system in your truck. 

Efficient transmission is essential for the performance of your truck. It converts torque into power, which is essential for rotating the wheels of your truck at various gear ratios. The transmission is the most expensive part of your truck because it is having various parts, like the gearbox. 

The cost of repair and the replacement of the transmission is relatively high. It is thus essential to be aware of the signs your transmission will show when it is almost failing. Such knowledge will aid in extending the lifespan of your transmission and avoiding costly repairs. 

Early Signs of A Transmission Failure

The transmission does not fail abruptly. It will have to give you some signs that it is soon failing. Here are the early signs you will experience. 

Weird Noises

Truck noises vary depending on the make and model. Whenever your truck produces a strange noise, consider taking time to know where the noise is coming from. Consider noting the nature of the noise if it is whining, clunking, or humming. 

The transmission has various components, and your truck will produce weird noises if any fail. The common noises related to the transmission are whining, clunking, buzzing, and humming. If your truck uses the manual transmission system, it will produce clunking noises. In contrast, the automatic transmission truck will produce a humming, buzzing, or whining noise when faulty. 


Transmission relies on the transmission fluid to function effectively. The fluid reduces the friction and lubricates the transmission parts, preventing them from overheating. The fluid also aids in engaging the gears.

When your transmission failure occurs, you will see leakages of the transmission fluid from your truck. When this happens, friction within the transmission’s inner parts will lead to heat generation. As a result, your transmission will completely break down. Whenever you note that your transmission fluid is leaking, consider taking your truck for a thorough mechanical check-up. 

The Engine Check Light

The appearance of the engine check light is another early sign that your transmission is failing. The light appears when the sensors pick up irregular information from the transmission. When it appears, consider taking your truck for diagnosis to determine if the transmission is the cause. 

Shaking, Jerking, or Grinding

Primarily, when your transmission starts to develop problems, your truck will be jerky, shake or grind. Gear grinding is dominant in manual transmission trucks. In contrast, automatic transmission trucks will hesitate when you shift the gears. Commonly, you will hear truck owners referring to it as slipping gears. When you ignore this, your truck will tremble or shake whenever you change gears. 


The transmission is an essential and the most expensive part of your truck. It is exposed to the regular stress of transmitting the engine torque to the wheels. It, therefore, wears out. Before wearing out, you will experience the above signs. Never take these signs for granted. 

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