Common Truck Air Conditioning Problems

Summer season is extremely hot, and staying in the cabin of your truck can be unbearable. It is during this time that you will require the air conditioning system. The A/C provides comfort and prevents heat-related health risks like stroke. 

When you realize your air conditioning system is not working perfectly, it is essential to have it checked. Here are some common air conditioning problems you should be aware of. 

Faulty Compressor

The air conditioning system has various parts, such as the compressor, that circulate the refrigerant throughout the system. Thus, it ensures that cool air flows in your cabin. The compressor sometimes fails due to several reasons. If it stays for a long without functioning, it is likely to malfunction. 

To avoid this, consider running your AC system full blast at least once a week for up to 18 minutes despite the weather.

Broken/Blocked Condenser

When your AC blows hot instead of cold air, there is a high probability that your condenser is faulty. The condenser plays the role of cooling the refrigerant. The debris, as well as gunk, can block the path of the airflow. When this happens, the refrigerant will not cool down properly, and as a result, your AC will blow in hot air. 

It is simple to fix this problem. First, you need to locate and identify the condenser that is on the front grill and check for blockage or if it is broken. 

Damaged Fan

When your condenser is functioning properly, but your AC still blows hot air, there is a high probability that your fan is faulty. It is easy to check if your fan is faulty. First, you need to open the hood of your truck, start the engine and turn on your AC. 

If you note that your fan is not running, its age can contribute to this. As the fan serves you, it starts to crack, which can lead to its failure. Blown fuses are also another reason that can make your fan stop functioning. 

Wiring Problems

The electrical wiring within your truck can become faulty. Too much heat can melt down the copper or loosen its ends. Exposure to elements can also corrode the wires. You can visually inspect your wires to identify a faulty wire and fix it. If there is a better solution than this, consider taking your truck to a professional for a check-up.

Truck Overheating

If your AC stops to give cool air, check if your truck is overheating. Several reasons can lead to truck overheating and make it difficult for the AC to function effectively.

When you note that your truck is overheating, stop driving immediately and call a professional for help. 


The air conditioning system is an essential component of your truck. You might not understand its importance during the cold season. But the summer weather will compel you to turn it on, especially when the temperatures of your cabin are extremely high and you need some cooling. Like other parts of your truck, the AC is prone to failure. The above are some common problems related to the AC of your truck. 

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