7 Things To Look Into Before Importing Used Japanese Mini Trucks To The USA

As much as we all want to save and get the best mini trucks that we always want, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes it might not be as smooth as we want it to be. Sometimes people end up with vehicles that they didn’t purchase and sometimes people get cheated into buying mini truck that aren’t in the condition they expected it to be. Be it a mini truck, a micro van or any other car, there are things that you need to look out for.

To help you avoid getting hooked with import scams and other complications when importing your car from Japanese exporters, here are some of the things you should watch out for.

Avoid Mini Trucks That Are Faulty

There are vehicles of all kinds that are on sale and some could have issues that are considered minor. While it could be a good way to save and get a vehicle at a waived price, it could also be the beginning of problems for you. It is a gamble that isn’t worth taking especially if you don’t have prior understanding of that particular vehicle.

These mini trucks might come in cheaply and while you may be thinking that you can do an easy fix on it, it could end up being a series of issues under the hood. If for instance you decide to import a mini truck with a faulty hydraulic lift system, you might find yourself buying the whole system which you dint plan to.

On top of this, you need to ask for a maintenance record on the vehicle to see if has been having technical issues and such a case, you need to avoid a vehicle that has been experiencing such issues.

Avoid Importing Mini Trucks Re-fitted With A Different Body Kit

It is a rare thing to come across a vehicle that has been fitted with a body kit that is different from its original, but they do exist. If you come across one on sale and you find yourself contemplating on whether to import it or not, it would be better to just ditch it.

The refitted body could mean a lot. Probably more than just the kit and that is another risk you wouldn’t want to take.

Watch Out For Cons And Online Scams

Scams are all over and although we’ve had enough of the conmen and scammers, the only way to avoid them is by being extra cautious. It would be a tragic encounter to be cheated into buying a mini truck which doesn’t exist or one that is completely different from what you were expecting.

Every expert will tell you to do thorough research before making an online deal. Doing your due diligence and making inquiries will help you judge whether it is a path worth taking or not.

Another good way of handling this is by working with an experienced importer or an import agency. With a local agency that has been in the industry for long, you can get good advise on how to go about every import process.

Make Sure The Vehicle Is Fully Compliant With CBP

Something else that you wouldn’t want to experience issues with is to have your shipped vehicle impounded for some non-compliance.

While filling the import details with the state agencies, make sure that the vehicle meets all the quality standards and you have provided all the relevant details as required. This will make the clearance process with the authorities and customs a breeze.

Ensure The Vehicle Has Been Thoroughly Screened And Cleaned
The US, like any other country has strict policies against vehicles and any shipment entering the country. It is a requirement that the vehicle is steam cleaned to ensure that there is no transfer of bacteria, viruses and such health hazards from other countries.

Although cleaning might not lead to matters that are serious such as with the vehicles that don’t comply with the roads and transport agencies, it could lead to delays and could even attract more penalties.

Avoid Vehicles That Have Partial Or No Certification And Particulars

Now you may come across some vehicles that have no clear records. Log books, registration certificates among other documents are among every vehicle’s most relevant assets and nobody should acquire a vehicle that doesn’t have these documents. Importing a vehicle without these credentials to the United States could become hectic clearing it if at all it will make it through.

Most of the offers that comes along without these credentials could also end being scams and probably the mini truck doesn’t even exist. You shouldn’t take any chances with a vehicle that has no proper certification and particulars and one needs to do their due diligence in verifying that.

Avoid Buying Mini Trucks From Dealers Who Give You Limited Access

One of the most crucial things that you need to do when you are importing your mini truck is to first work with an exporter who is credible and has been in the business long enough. the Japanese exporter should give you details and access to anything that you need on the mini truck that you are eying.

It could mean something is fishy with the car and that is the last thing that you’d want to experience.

Final Word:

Mini trucks have become popular machines that are highly dependable especially in hauling goods from one point to another. One of the best places to get one is to import directly from Japanese used car exporters. However, with many challenges especially to people who have no experience in importing, one needs to be extra keen to make sure they are getting the quality vehicle that will serve them.

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