7 Types Of Used Japanese Mini Trucks You Can Buy Online

Do you live in a hunting zone and don’t have the right vehicle to get your mission done? Or maybe you are planning on hauling some hay downhill to take care of your dairy farm. Whichever way, you need a reliable vehicle that has the horsepower and capability to handle the tasks smoothly. For many people, mini trucks have become the ultimate solution for running such tasks. They are affordable, high performing and dependable regardless of the road or condition.

Based on body and molding, these mini trucks will vary and this also defines the nature of wok that each of them can be used for. Below we have highlighted 7 of the most common mini trucks that you can import from Japanese used car dealers to use for different tasks.

Flat Bed Mini Trucks

Flatbed mini trucks are designed with a flat surface unlike many others which are either partially or wholly enclosed or those fitted with special equipment. These trucks are designed to have a flat surface to increase flexibility, especially for people who are carrying loads with varied shapes and sizes. When hauling loads like plywood of different shapes and anomalous sizes, the flat bed mini trucks could come in handy.

Although they are not very common, they can be easily customized with a little budget as they do not require a lot of materials to design the flat bed.

Skylift mini Trucks

Skylift mini trucks are mini trucks that are designed to help in more laborious instances to either lift loads or even elevate workers to handle tasks on a higher ground. A good example is when they are used by a worker to fix telephone poles and such.

If you are planning on lifting things to heights using a list, then this could be the ideal mini truck to go for. It simplifies lifting loads onto story buildings, poles or for various constructions. Some of the most common custom made mini trucks that have Skylift systems on them could range from Daihatsu Hijet, Suzuki and Honda Acty.

Caravan Mini Truck

Caravan mini trucks are the mini trucks that have their bed sealed to take a box-like shape. In other words, they are just like a caravan. These mini trucks are perfect for carrying more delicate goods and those that occupy a bigger space but a less weighty.

By customizing the mini truck with other features such as adding a cooler, one can easily use it to carry perishable products over long distances without any issues.

Among some of the caravan mini trucks that you will find in our inventory includes those made by Honda Acty, Dihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar among many others.

Scissor Lift Mini Trucks

Sometimes it could be a big pain when you need to raise loads to a particular height and you don’t have the equipment to do that. With a scissor lift mini truck, this is easy as the load can be raised through its hydraulic powered system. It takes the shape of a scissor since the system is designed to lift the truck from two sides ensuring that the lifting is balanced. Although there aren’t many tasks that require this kind of lifting, you should get this mini truck when need arises.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

Dump bed mini truck are among the most common mini trucks that you can find in the market today. These mini trucks do as its name suggests— helping dump loads. They have a hydraulic system fitted on its chassis which lists the dump bed to unload the loads. They are also the easiest to customize, just in case you were thinking of turning it into something more than a truck. Be it concrete for a construction task, organic manure that needs to be carried, this is the kind of mini truck you should be going for.

You can’t however use it to carry and dump delicate goods. Should you use it to carry such, then you shouldn’t think of using the dump system as it may damage the goods.

Scissor Lift Dump Bed Mini Trucks

This is a combo of the normal dump bed mini truck which has been customized with a scissor lift system. The main reason for this combination is for the vehicle to offer the user with services of both worlds- the dump bed system and the lift system all in one. This is good for people who handle different tasks which they sometimes aren’t expecting.

If for instance you are hauling produce from the farm and the next day you would like to carry construction equipment to the construction site, the use of a scissor lift dump bed mini truck could come in handy.

Jumbo Cab Mini Truck

Jumbo cab mini trucks are mini trucks that resemble the normal mini trucks only that they are a bit smaller and tend to carry a little less than the normal mini truck. The mini truck is most common under the Daihatsu Hijet model. They help in carrying less weighty loads with lots of ease. They are also loved for being economical, low maintenance and for being high efficient.

If you are looking for a simple mini truck that helps you to do simple tasks such as hunting within your nearby ranch then this is one to consider.


Mini truck is a general term to refer to the small (Kei) trucks. They can be further subdivided down into their body style and how they are meant to handle different tasks. Hopefully, the above comprehensive guide has shined some light on the various kinds of mini trucks and which one you can go with.

Should you need to import any of the mini trucks that are in the best shape then be sure to check out our listings page and get yourself a mini truck. There are also some used Japanese minivans which you may be interested in. You can then get in touch with us and we will give you more details and proceedings on how to acquire and ship it to your country.

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