How To Install An Exhaust System in Your Truck

The combustion chamber of your truck has two valves, the intake valve, and the exhaust valve. The exhaust valves expel the waste products of combustion from the engine’s combustion chamber. The exhaust system is connected to the engine to help expel exhaust gases and other harmful substances from the engine. Apart from removing the exhaust substances, the exhaust system reduces the engine noises and neutralizes the toxic gases from the combustion chamber. 

Several factors can make you install a new exhaust system, maybe you love the aftermarket exhaust system, or the one your truck has is faulty. You can fix an exhaust system without disturbing your engine. You only need some special tools to do this. 

Steps On How To Install An Exhaust System in Your Truck

Consider doing the following to install an exhaust system in your truck. Let your truck cool down for safety before working on the exhaust system.

Lift Your Truck

The exhaust system is located below your truck. Before removing the current one, lift your truck. Spend time studying the parts of the exhaust system. If possible, at this point, you can take a photo of your exhaust system.  

Uninstall the Old Exhaust System 

After studying the exhaust system, remove your truck’s old exhaust system. To remove the exhaust system, you have to follow some specific steps.

  1. You will have to disconnect the oxygen sensor. This exhaust system component checks whether the engine burns the oxygen well. To remove the oxygen sensor, identify the bolts holding it in place and use a wrench to rotate them counterclockwise. The oxygen sensor has wires which connect to your truck. Before disconnecting these wires, consider pulling them out first. 
  2. Use a penetrating fluid to spray the nuts holding the exhaust pipe. The nuts holding the exhaust system are tightly tightened, and they might have dirt or rust, which makes them tighter. To untighten them easily, consider spraying the penetrating fluid, which will soften them. 
  3. Use a ratchet to unscrew the nuts. To safely remove the nuts, start with those that hold the exhaust system to the engine. They are located at the front of your truck. When doing this, assemble several ratchets and use the one which matches every nut. 
  4. Slide the metal pin out of the rubber. At this point, all the nuts are down. You will see the metal pins that extend into rubber rings on the body of your truck. Remove these pins, and your exhaust system will be freely suspended for you to lower it down. 

Install the New Exhaust System

Ensure the exhaust system you want to install matches the make and model of your truck. The system you are about to fix should be made of stainless steel to prevent it from rusting. Use the picture you previously took to compare the layout of the old and the new exhaust system. If they match perfectly, consider installing them in your truck. 


This guide has insightful information which will help you to install the exhaust system on your own. Consider the help of a professional mechanic if you are unsure what to do. 

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