How Often Should l Replace Truck Wiper Blades?

Wipers do a very simple but essential job. Did you know that a single drop of water or dirt particles can cause poor visibility as you drive your truck? The wipers eliminate such foreign materials from the windshield to increase your visibility. The wipers play a very crucial role when it’s raining. But how often should you replace truck wiper blades? As a result of extensive use, they wear out, and you will need to replace them every several months of service. It is among the most important yet forgotten maintenance practices to keep in mind.

During winter weather, you might be compelled to do it more often since the snow on the windshield might damage the wipers. Since you now know that it is necessary to install new wipers after every six months, let us now look at some signs you should note to replace your wipers. 

When You Notice Cracks on the Rubber Part of the Blades

It is the rubber part that cleans your windshield. If it is not in good condition, your wiper will not effectively perform its roles. The rubber of the windshield is vulnerable to elements or ultraviolet rays. If it gets into contact with any of them, they start to develop cracks or might fall off. Whenever you see a small crack on the rubber, consider replacing it as soon as possible.

When the Wipers Leaves Streaks On The Windshield

Streaky wipers signal that you need to replace your wipers as soon as possible. It is usual for the wipers to form a little streak which usually comes out when you spray wiper fluid and wipe your windshield. If you pour the liquid, but the line continues to develop, consider replacing your wiper blade before it disappoints you during a heavy downpour. 

When the Wipers Squeak Whenever You Turn Them On

A squeaking sound forms when the wipers drag abnormally on the windshield. It is usual for the wiper blades to squeak occasionally, but if they persist, it indicates that the wiper blades are not dragging well on the windshield glass. The poor dragging on the windshield glass can lead to poor visibility when driving in poor weather such as when it is snowy

When There is A Damage on the Frame of The Blade

The frame is that rigid plastic or metal that supports the wiper blade. The wiper frames are delicate and can easily get damaged when scrapping snow or debris from your windshield. When removing these particles, you can accidentally jam them into the wiper blades and cause permanent damage to them. When the frame is faulty, the wipers might not perform effectively or fail to function. The only option if you realise this is to buy a new set of wipers. 

When the Rubber Adhesive is Failing

A common problem with the wiper blades is failing rubber adhesive. It is the rubber adhesive that makes the blade stick to the flame. If the adhesive force is inadequate, the edge will not function well as it is likely to flop. You will notice this when you look at the edge of your blade and realise it is not firmly held on the frame.


Regularly check and test your wipers whether they are in perfect condition or not. Doing this will enable you to make necessary adjustments before harsh weather conditions.

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