What To Check Before You Buy And Import Japanese Trucks

Japan has become the go-to place when you need to buy almost every vehicle. With the mouthwatering costs of vehicles that are looking the Japanese market and the auction houses, there are lots of reasons to get your vehicle from there. However, before you import Japanese trucks, sedans, mini vans or any other vehicle that you’d like to have, you need to do your own due diligence to know what you are getting. Beginners might find it to be difficult to get the right vehicle or do a good inspection.

With all these in mind, and to help you get your desired truck which coms clean and in good condition, we have set up this guide with things to check to ensure that you are buying a faultless vehicle. Below are the things that you need to look out for before making any deal;

Get an Inspection Report

To ensure that all vehicles in Japan are roadworthy and are compliant with the emission laws, regular inspection is usually done. With this fact in mind, you can be sure that you are investing in vehicle that will deliver to your expectations. Asking for a report to ascertain all these is a good way of ensuring the vehicle is in perfect condition.

What is included in the inspection report? The inspection report should cover the vehicle’s current condition, performance and whether there are any faults.

Additionally, if you are taking advantage of the Japanese used car auctions, there is another report which is done by in-house professionals which is done to ascertain the real value of the vehicle before going to auctions. The vehicle’s condition, body and performance are among the things that are scrutinized.

Checking The Vehicle Aesthetics – Exterior And Interior

Apart from having a sneak peak on the inspection report, you should go deep and get a clearer picture yourself. To do this, you should know how the exterior and interior of the vehicle looks. Value is highly dependent on aesthetics and you should make sure that you are paying for something that is excellent inside out.

Most people might be wondering how they can know the interior and exterior of a vehicle, but as they usually say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You should scan through photos of a vehicle properly and even ask for more if you need to know more about a specific part of the vehicle. You shouldn’t take chances or wild assumptions since it is a huge investment.

While checking the exterior, some of the things that you should be seeing include; rust, body scratches and dents, pain, wheels, dump beds if you are looking for a mini truck or a pickup, suspension, glass, lights and lenses.

For the interior part, you should check out the seats, the roof, dashboard, trunk, pedals, instrument controls, steering and air conditioning if any.

We usually do thorough inspection to ensure good relations with our customers and to also ensure that they are getting the best of what they need. You can also request for a video if need be.

Know What’s Under The Hood

One other thing that you wouldn’t like to ignore is engine and mechanical part of the vehicle that you are looking into. A good engine shouldn’t have oil leaks spattered all over a this could be a sign of broken engine seals or other leaks that could be costly to take care of. Similarly, the gear box and the axle should also show no signs of oil leakages.

The engine belts, radiator, battery are other things that you would want to look into and make sure that they are in the perfect condition. Again, photos and perhaps a short clip could be perfect in showing you these details.

Getting a recent service or a mechanical report could also help you know how a vehicle’s engine and other crucial parts are. You will also know what kind of repairs the vehicle has had so that you can check on that part more keenly.

Vehicle Mileage

The performance of a vehicle and how it has been working over the years is a very important factor that needs to be considered before one buys or imports a vehicle. The odometer readings should give you a clear picture of how the vehicle has been used and will also is used to gauge the cost of the vehicle. Vehicles with lower mileage will tend to come with a higher price than the one with a higher mileage.

One common issue with mileage checking is that some people do cloaking to the odometer to reduce the mileage reading. This is however a thing that a professional can easily spot. We are always ahead when it comes to ensuring mileage is addressed and watch out for issues such as cloaking. This ensures that you are getting a vehicle at its rightful value.


Since you cannot do a test drive on a vehicle which is ion Japan, buy still want to have I, you will need to do your due diligence and do a thorough examination on some issues to ensure that you are getting something of good quality. The above factors can help you to know how the vehicle condition is before you import it. If you are an amateur with cars and don’t have a clue on how this inspection should be done, then having a mechanic or a friend who has done the same earlier could be helpful.

With these factors in your checklist, you won’t have any problems getting the car that you have always been looking for. For the best picks in mini trucks, minivans and more, please visit our listings page to find your desired vehicle. We can also help you find any other car that you may need. Our services include helping customers across the globe find excellent used Japanese cars. If auctions are an open option to you, then we will help you find the vehicle you seek for your set budget. Just get in touch with us and we will guide you through.

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