Getting a Subaru Sambar on Credit

Owning a mini truck, precisely Subaru Sambar imparts some sense of fulfillment. Sambar will loyally serve you. At the same time, you will develop that good feeling of spinning a six-star. There are several means of acquiring this Kei truck. You can inherit it, receive it as a donation, or buy it in cash or credit. The means of acquiring it do not matter as long as it is in your possession. Did you know it is possible to own a Subaru Sambar on credit before making a full payment? Yes, on credit, you only need a small deposit to smile back home with your new mini truck.

Hot To Get a Subaru Sambar on Credit

Before opting for a Subaru Sambar on credit, consider the following.

Determine if You Can Afford to Make the Down Payment. Before buying any vehicle, you must know how much you can afford. Doing this is important when buying a mini truck. A lender might decide that you will deposit 20% of the cost of the mini truck. You will access the mini truck if you have the 20% at hand to drive your dream mini truck home.

Find the Lenders that will Fund your Mini Truck. The nature of the Subaru Sambar you opt to buy will impact the choice of financial option. For example, if you buy a second-hand mini truck, ensure the lender is financing second-hand mini trucks. Some lenders only finance brand new mini trucks.

Compare Loans. There are many business loans for financing your mini truck. For example, if you take a commercial truck loan, you will buy your Sambar and remain with some cash for its operations like paying the driver.

If You are Buying the Subaru Sambar for Commercial Use, Gather Adequate Paperwork and Apply for Financing. The process of applying for commercial mini truck financing varies. Prepare adequate details about your business and the vehicle you intend to seek financial support to acquire, Subaru Sambar in this case. Before doing this, take time to compare and contrast the different interest rates of various lenders. Doing this will help you choose a lender with lower interest rates.

Is it Possible to Finance a Subaru Sambar with Bad credit?

You can fund your mini truck even if you have a negative credit rating because the mini truck itself is collateral. Most lenders approve very fast lenders with a negative credit score.

The lender will be entitled to your mini truck and might repossess it anytime you cannot pay the arrears. It is necessary to ensure that you can pay the new loan and cater for the expenses that will come with the Subaru Sambar.

Purchasing a mini truck on credit is expensive. You might decide to settle for a long-term loan to help you settle the cost with time.


Buying a Subaru Sambar on credit can be a blessing or a curse on your side. If you agree to the terms and conditions of the credit given, pay it in time and finish it, it will be a blessing. If you breach the terms and conditions, it will be a curse for you.

Things To Know Before Buying A Mini Truck

If you have owned a Japanese mini truck for a while, then you know how good they are. These vehicles have become very popular across the globe, simply because of their incredible performance, quality and dependability. However, some people still have doubts about these Japanese kei trucks. To end that doubt, in this guide, we will go through some crucial things to know before buying a mini truck. This should ease minds and help make that decision to shift to a more efficient vehicle option.

They Are Cheap To Run & Maintain

One thing that you ought to keep in mind is that running and maintaining these kei trucks is not that hard. It is easy to learn how to maintain and repair them cheaply. If you are going to hire a mechanic to look at the vehicle, then you do not have to worry much about the parts being costly as it would have been the case with other vehicles. Fueling these vehicles is also pocket friendly. This is not just because they do not consume a lot of fuel, but instead squeeze power from every pint of that fuel. In short, they are very energy efficient as compared to other vehicles in the market.


Another thing that one would love with the Japanese mini trucks is the cost of acquisition. This is something that is much welcomed considering the high cost of buying vehicles these days. You even have better options if you are going to opt for a second hand vehicle because the cost will be significantly lower. This is all without compromising on quality and performance.

They Perform In All Roads

Japanese mini trucks are designed to be capable of handling even the harshest terrains and terrible roads. And with a 4-wheel transmission system, you can expect these kei trucks to easily maneuver through off-roads that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without this transmission. That said, you can expect these vehicles to deliver on this aspect.

Different Designs

Yet another thing that you ought to know before you buy a Japanese mini truck is the fact that there are different models that one can go for. This is because there are different models that are meant to perform various functions. For instance, there are dump bed mini trucks, flat bed, scissor lift, caravan mini trucks among many others. This is to say that a mini truck isn’t just a mini truck. You have to choose the one model that you intend to be using based on your intended use.


Kei trucks are among the best lightweight trucks that one can get in the market today. However, many people still do not know much about these vehicles. Shared above are some of the top things to know before buying a mini truck.

And when you have made your decision to own one, you should consider checking out some of the outstanding pick that we have in our mini truck sales page.

What They Don’t Tell You About Importing Second Hand Japanese Cars

Anyone who has been in the auto industry doe a while will tell you a lot of good things about the Japanese auto industry. At the moment, there are lots of second hand vehicles that are sourced from the Japanese auto arena. This is not only because they are the largest auto producer in the world, but their vehicles have also stood the test of time and proven to be worth every single penny that is invested.

There are however a lot of things that one should learn about these vehicles and this is all what we are going to be looking at in this article. We will be answering the question, whether they are worth investing on and how to get them easily, even if you are still a beginner and have little knowledge about importing vehicles abroad. Here are the things you need to know about these second hand Japanese cars;

There Are Close to A Dozen Auto Makers In Japan

Japan is the home to the largest automakers in the world and not only are they excellent in what they do, but there are close to a dozen of these companies that work around the clock to compete with each other for the market share. The fact that there are such number of automakers means that there is a good chance of getting a good price on a vehicle. It even gets better for anyone looking for a second hand vehicle as they will obviously come at a cheaper price. Cut down the middle man as this will help you to reduce the costs incurred and make the vehicle purchase a much more affordable one. In fact, the Japanese second hand cars are loved more because they are affordable. And their affordability doesn’t compromise on the quality and performance that one gets as they are excellent and lovable in every way.

Importing them Is Easier Than You Think

If you have always wondered what it takes to import a vehicle from another country, and in this case, from Japan, then you will actually be surprised at how easy it is to import it and have it delivered to your doorstep, regardless of the country you are based in. When you go to a local car dealer, you will only be limited to the number of options. You should also have the understanding that the car dealer is out to make a killing and sometimes this can be a very huge profit. To cut down on the middleman, you can opt to import the vehicle yourself and this is a much easier process than you think. The importation process takes a few weeks and this is after you have shopped and ensured that the vehicle you are getting is what you really want without compromising on anything.

Importing Second Hand From Japan Gives You More Options

An easy way to get a second hand Japanese vehicle is to buy it from your local dealer, Right? While this is the case for many people in many countries, it is high time that you consider getting it shipped or you. With the understanding of how easy it is to ship and the many options that you will get shopping through many vehicles in Japanese car yards, you will actually get a better deal and a vehicle that you have always wanted. This is contrary to getting the vehicle from your local dealer who limits you with only a few options that you may not like. some people end up buying the vehicle they find, even with flaws and regardless of the condition that they are in, simply because there is no other better option that they have. so, why not import the vehicle yourself? Although there are a number of paper-work and probably a few weeks wait, it is actually worth it because you will have the vehicle hat you have always wanted and one that meets all your preferences.

Always Watch Out For Scams

4 x 4 mini truckPerhaps if there is something that must be clearly highlighted is the rise of internet scammers who are also in the auto industry and when one is not so careful, they could fall prey to these scams ending up losing their hard earned money. Being watchful and more vigilant is however something that one can easily take care of and smoothly get the vehicle that they want without much worries. Here is how to avoid the common scams that are on the rise when buying second hand from Japan.
-Always investigate and dig up as much information as you can from the auto dealer that is selling to you.
-Avoid using flawed transaction methods and mediums such as Western Union which can be a big pain.
-Work with trustworthy sellers who have a good recommendation and track record in the industry.
-Avoid anything that looks fishy as it probably is a scam and will end up scamming you of your money. After all, there are lots of other companies out there, so why risk it all in one fishy one?
-Always watch out for bait and switch scammers who can sell you a vehicle that you did no want or wasn’t presented to you.

Final Word:

It turns out that getting a second hand cars from Japan is pretty much easier than what most of us have always perceived to be a tedious and a lengthy process that is only for professionals and import agencies. There are also a lot of goodies that come with importing a second hand vehicle by yourself since you get more options to choose from at a bargain.

If you are looking for a second hand Japanese vehicle to buy, then the bets place to start with would be our car listing page where we have a lot of them waiting for you. From Japanese mini trucks, mini vans and other vehicles, you will find them all in there. and we are pretty sure that you will love the service you get from us.

Tips To Avoid Scams When Importing Second Hand Vehicles From Japan

Japan has become the go-to place for anyone looking for a second hand vehicle. Whether you are looking for a used sedan, mini truck or a mini van, you will find them on sale in Japan. Among some of the reasons why people love getting these second hand vehicles from Japan is because they are affordable and that the quality of the vehicles made by the Japanese automakers is above par and stands out from many others out there, thanks to the century long expertise.

The process of importing a vehicle has become much easier in the recent years, thanks to the fact that we have the internet which makes communication and acquiring the vehicle much easier. However, it has its downsides and one that you need to be more concerned about is the scams that are all over. Just like you will find in any other industry and niche, scammers are there in the auto industry as well and if one is not careful enough, they could find themselves losing a lot of money in the process. In this comprehensive write-up, we will share some of the tips on how to survive the scams and easily get the vehicle that you want the hassle-fee way. Here are those pointers;

Only Enter Realistic Deals

Perhaps one of the reasons many people get conned is because they enter deals that are too tempting. Anything fishy or suspicious is probably a scam and you need to avoid it, unless you get full proof that doing so will lead to a clearer deal that will benefit you. Scammers will always offer a vehicle at a throw-away price to lure buyers and unsuspecting customers who are fooled to believe that they are getting an amazing deal and don’t ant to miss out on it. It is therefore very crucial to know and be sure of the deals and contracts that you enter since you could be getting yourself in trouble without knowing.

Avoid Fishy Transactions

When it comes to transactions, it can sometimes get ugly and that is where people lose a lot of money. There are lots of payment methods these days which promises better service, but you should be sure to use only those that are trusted and offer good service and safety for both the buyers and sellers. Using some money transfer services such as Western Union is a bit risky and it is only safe to ensure that the ones that you are using offer the much needed safety. It is preferable to consider using a bank to complete your transactions of other verified services like Paypal which help you with an escrow-like service to only release the money to the seller after you receive the vehicle and satisfied that you have not been ripped off. The right choice of money transfer that you choose will ensure that you are in safe hands and that you do not lose your money into wrong hands of scammers who misrepresent themselves to another company. In most cases, they may not even in the location that they claim to be at.

Ask For Detailed Information On the Car

Another kind of scam that you ought to be careful and watchful about is the bait and switch which is more common that we think. Instances of browsing a vehicle and buying and being delivered something that you did not buy is something that you can easily get hooked to. This is especially for most people who are still beginners and have little experience importing vehicles abroad. For you to avoid such a scam, you need to get as much information about the vehicle to know how it works or if there is something that the seller is not telling you about it. That way, you will be getting exactly what you expect. The good thing with all that is that anyone can dig deep and learn as much ad they need about the vehicle they want to buy. With the use of the internet and softwares such as Skype, you can video-call the seller and ask them to give you a live footage of the vehicle, where you can check out the vehicle in more detail.

Get The Help Of An Expert

blankLastly, you may want to consult with an expert. This is especially if you have never bought a vehicle online or from another country. An expert, who can be a friend who has done this before will shine some light on the challenges that you may expect including the scams and blunders that you should be avoiding to stay safe with your purchase. This is because as technology improves, the scammers also change their tact and can be a surprise to someone who hasn’t done that before. Doing this will help you buy and import your vehicle the smooth and easy way.

Final Word:

There is no debate on where most vehicles are made. The crown not only goes to Japan, and this comes after many reasons that makes the vehicles stand out and win accolades for their quality and performance that is second to none. With all the scams that are going all over, it could be trickier at times to get a vehicle without being conned. To help you through this, the above tips will get you through smoothly.

If you are serious about getting a good second hand vehicle from Japan, then you may want to check out some of the ones that we have in our car listing page. These vehicles have been tested and undergone thorough mechanical assessment to ensure that we are giving our customers exactly what they seek. After helping thousands of buyers from across the globe get their dream vehicle, we are certain that you will also end up being another happy customer. We will even help you have the vehicle shipped smoothly.

How To Spend Less When Buying And Shipping Japanese Mini Trucks

If you are frugal like most of us, then buying a vehicle is something that needs some wise planning and budgeting. It isn’t something that you just decide to buy like you would in a shopping mall. And if by chance, you’ve happened to love and envy the Japanese mini trucks, then you must already know how reliable and dependable these vehicles are. Affordability is also something hat has got the attention of many people. But to give you a glimpse of these Japanese mini trucks, here is just a brief highlight of why you can choose them over pick up trucks and other alternatives.

Reliability and Dependability

The engineering that the Japanese mini trucks go through is among he best in the world. First off, they are manufactured by some of the leading automakers such as Suzuki, Daihatsu and Honda. Evident from other vehicles by these car makers, there is little doubt that they have stood the test of time to become the best in the industry.


Whether you are looking for a vehicle that is very durable and reliable, the Japanese mini trucks do not disappoint. Their reliability and dependability is among the best you will find, thanks to the sturdy construction and performance.

Economical Factor

Another things that most of us are always concerned about is getting a vehicle that is economical and requiring low maintenance. The Japanese mini trucks are known to be very economical and to need little maintenance. They are not the kind of vehicles that need the attention of a mechanic all the time and this is something that most vehicle owners dream of having.

So, if you need an economical vehicle that doesn’t disappoint in terms of fuel consumption and mechanical maintenance, getting one of the Japanese mini trucks is one great move that you won’t regret.


Another thing that most of us would like is to get a vehicle at the lowest price possible. When it comes to Japanese mini trucks, they are among the best when it comes to balancing pricing, quality and performance. Many people have lauded Japanese mini trucks for their low price tag and also being low cost to maintain.


When choosing an affordable vehicle through, you have to be extra keen not to fall for those that are junk and not as good as they seem to be.

Bargain, Bargain, Bargain

If there is something that most second hand vehicle buyers fail to do is to bargain. In most instances, the listing price of the vehicle isn’t what they actually go for and making an offer on the vehicle is all that you need to do to get the best out of the deal.

So, how does one bargain? With today’s technology where there are tons of communication apps and gadgets, it doesn’t matter if you are miles away. Closing a deal is simple and with a video call through an application like Skype, you can communicate with the seller easily and agree on the price. This way, you will get to pay less than the listing price and save tons of money in the process.

Compare Similar Vehicles From Different Listings

Another great way that one can save tons of money is by comparing similar vehicles from different listings. There are lots of Japanese car outlets listing second hand mini trucks which gives tons of options to buyers. The most important thing about comparing different vehicles is that one gets to also compare things such as pricing, mileage and the condition of the vehicle. So, it simply gives one the chance to get the best vehicle from choosing one from the various options.

One things that you have to keen on though, is that there are lots of sites listing vehicles that cannot be trusted. Some of them could be scams and demands one to be extra cautious. It could be a tedious process, but finding something good always comes at a price.

Watch Out For Scammers

blankIf there is one big thing that can overturn your budget and turn out to be an instant loss, then it is getting scammed. The auto industry, just like any other out there has lots of scammers and people who fail to give what they promise to their customers. You need to be extra cautious when it comes to buying a vehicle or anything overseas because anything can happen including you losing all of your money through shady transactions.

the kind of scams that one is likely to fall for is a bait and switch and those that steal the money and disappear. To avoid this kind of nightmare, one should avoid using suspicious salesmen and only focus on working with legit Japanese sellers.

Final Word:

Choosing a second hand vehicle is sometimes difficult and although there are many things to consider when buying such, it is important to keep in mind that the major factor is pricing. All of us like to get something at an affordable price. However, one major challenge while trying to find the one that meets the budget, you have to counter in the performance and maybe even have to compromise on the quality and mileage of the vehicle. To help you get the best second hand Japanese mini truck for the price, the factors outlined above are considered some of the bets tricks to cut down extra spending in the process.

At Substar, we list dozens of vehicles which are sold to hundreds of customers abroad each and every year. We have been in business for many years and we are certain that we will help you find the right vehicle. You can go through our mini trucks listing and if you also need mini vans and other type of second hand Japanese vehicles, we’ve got plenty of them in store for you. We also help our customers to get their vehicles through the best means that ensures that they are getting exactly what they saw safely and sooner.

Japanese Mini Trucks Vs UTV – Making An Informed Decision

Ever found yourself comparing two closely matched products or things to decide which one to go with? Most of us have at least found themselves in such situations. This could be the case for many people who are trying to figure out if they should get a UTV or go with a Japanese mini truck. While UTVs have been very popular across the globe for their limitless advantages, the same has been for the Japanese mini trucks which are quickly becoming a favorite to many people.

In this guide, we will go though both of these vehicle types outlining the ups and downs in each and by the end of it we hopefully will help you decide on which one to go with depending on your preferences.

The Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks, otherwise known as the Kei trucks are medium sized vehicles that resemble the pickups and is a lesser version of a truck. They are designed in Japan by some of the industry leading car makers like Subaru, Daihatsu, Mazda and Suzuki. They have been in production for many years and have undergone different transformations.

Their performance and reliability has led these mini trucks to become popular across the globe and you can find them roaming the streets in almost every country today. You can also buy them either directly from Japan or through local dealership in many countries.

Some of the most common mini trucks that you will come by includes Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu hijet, Subaru Sambar and Honda Acty. All these mini trucks come in different types each meant to do certain tasks. They can either be Dump bed mini trucks, caravan mini trucks, skylift mini trucks, scissor lift mini truck among other custom body shapes.

The UTVs

Utility Task Vehicles are vehicles designed to be used for a number of things including both recreational and multipurpose tasks. There are lots of companies manufacturing these kind of vehicles across the globe and they come in different designs and capabilities.

Although these vehicles aren’t closed and most of them are small, they have been perfectly engineered to handle most road conditions while also maintaining top safety.

Comparing Mini Trucks And UTVs

Here is an in-depth comparison of both Japanese mini trucks and UTVs.

Both are meant to be used on harsh terrains – Adaptability and reliability under all-weather roads is something that you will have to keenly look for in a vehicle if you live in such areas with bad weathers. The good thing with both of these kind of vehicles is that they can easily maneuver and carry loads though bad roads. However, due to the nature and size of mini trucks, they will be able to carry more loads as compared to UTVs.

Fuel Efficiency – We all want to use vehicles that are fuel efficient and make us feel lees burden when it comes to fuel consumption. UTVs have shown different fuel consumption rate based on the manufacturer and sometimes based on their usability under certain roads. The good news with mini trucks is that they can seep little amount of fuel and could take you a long way. In fact, fuel consumption is one of the best things these Japanese mini trucks have been praised for.

Reliability And Performance – Who would go with a vehicle that breaks down every now and then? Of course nobody would like such a vehicle. We all have different needs when choosing a vehicle but they will always revolve around performance and how that vehicle is dependable.

If you want something that carries a lot of loads while still able to go through bad roads, then the Japanese mini truck will be your best bet.

Road Legality— UTVs are produced for use in almost every road, both on-roads and off-roads, but mini trucks may have restrictions. In the United States for example, there are some starts that have some restrictions on mini trucks. To see a list of those that have restrictions, please check out this post where we have listed them.

Vehicle Speed— Perhaps one of the few things that the UTVs seem to have overtaken the Japanese mini trucks on is the fact that they are meant to conquer when it comes to speed.  Mini trucks might vary depending on the model and the year of manufacture though. Newer models have better speeds.

While UTVs may be a bit reliable in terms of speed, the mini trucks have an upper hand when it comes to handling all-weatherblank roads as well as other things like fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. Mini trucks tend to be more affordable as well, especially if you are considering going with a pre-owned one which you can find readily from many used Japanese car dealers. You can check out our listings page to see some of the used mini trucks that we are selling. You can also take advantage of the Japanese auction houses and you can get a mini truck of your choice for a price that you are willing to spare.

Final Word:

Both Japanese vehicles and UTVs have earned praises for a number of things. Performance, reliability and efficiency of these vehicles are top notch. However sometimes you just have to choose one of these. Hopefully, the guide has been helpful in helping you make an informed decision on a vehicle to choose among the two.

If you are in for a Japanese mini truck and would like to get yourself one of these vehicles, you can check out our listings page and find one that is perfect for your work. In our inventory, you will come across almost every kind of Japanese mini truck, minivans as well as other types of vehicles. Once you find a vehicle that suits your needs, you can always ask for more details and we will be ready to offer you with what you need to know. As if that wasn’t enough, you will love the fact that we will help you ship the vehicle to your destination port. This will save you any issues if you are still new to the shipping world.

What To Check Before You Buy And Import Japanese Trucks

Japan has become the go-to place when you need to buy almost every vehicle. With the mouthwatering costs of vehicles that are looking the Japanese market and the auction houses, there are lots of reasons to get your vehicle from there. However, before you import Japanese trucks, sedans, mini vans or any other vehicle that you’d like to have, you need to do your own due diligence to know what you are getting. Beginners might find it to be difficult to get the right vehicle or do a good inspection.

With all these in mind, and to help you get your desired truck which coms clean and in good condition, we have set up this guide with things to check to ensure that you are buying a faultless vehicle. Below are the things that you need to look out for before making any deal;

Get an Inspection Report

To ensure that all vehicles in Japan are roadworthy and are compliant with the emission laws, regular inspection is usually done. With this fact in mind, you can be sure that you are investing in vehicle that will deliver to your expectations. Asking for a report to ascertain all these is a good way of ensuring the vehicle is in perfect condition.

What is included in the inspection report? The inspection report should cover the vehicle’s current condition, performance and whether there are any faults.

Additionally, if you are taking advantage of the Japanese used car auctions, there is another report which is done by in-house professionals which is done to ascertain the real value of the vehicle before going to auctions. The vehicle’s condition, body and performance are among the things that are scrutinized.

Checking The Vehicle Aesthetics – Exterior And Interior

Apart from having a sneak peak on the inspection report, you should go deep and get a clearer picture yourself. To do this, you should know how the exterior and interior of the vehicle looks. Value is highly dependent on aesthetics and you should make sure that you are paying for something that is excellent inside out.

Most people might be wondering how they can know the interior and exterior of a vehicle, but as they usually say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You should scan through photos of a vehicle properly and even ask for more if you need to know more about a specific part of the vehicle. You shouldn’t take chances or wild assumptions since it is a huge investment.

While checking the exterior, some of the things that you should be seeing include; rust, body scratches and dents, pain, wheels, dump beds if you are looking for a mini truck or a pickup, suspension, glass, lights and lenses.

For the interior part, you should check out the seats, the roof, dashboard, trunk, pedals, instrument controls, steering and air conditioning if any.

We usually do thorough inspection to ensure good relations with our customers and to also ensure that they are getting the best of what they need. You can also request for a video if need be.

Know What’s Under The Hood

blankOne other thing that you wouldn’t like to ignore is engine and mechanical part of the vehicle that you are looking into. A good engine shouldn’t have oil leaks spattered all over a this could be a sign of broken engine seals or other leaks that could be costly to take care of. Similarly, the gear box and the axle should also show no signs of oil leakages.

The engine belts, radiator, battery are other things that you would want to look into and make sure that they are in the perfect condition. Again, photos and perhaps a short clip could be perfect in showing you these details.

Getting a recent service or a mechanical report could also help you know how a vehicle’s engine and other crucial parts are. You will also know what kind of repairs the vehicle has had so that you can check on that part more keenly.

Vehicle Mileage

The performance of a vehicle and how it has been working over the years is a very important factor that needs to be considered before one buys or imports a vehicle. The odometer readings should give you a clear picture of how the vehicle has been used and will also is used to gauge the cost of the vehicle. Vehicles with lower mileage will tend to come with a higher price than the one with a higher mileage.

One common issue with mileage checking is that some people do cloaking to the odometer to reduce the mileage reading. This is however a thing that a professional can easily spot. We are always ahead when it comes to ensuring mileage is addressed and watch out for issues such as cloaking. This ensures that you are getting a vehicle at its rightful value.


Since you cannot do a test drive on a vehicle which is ion Japan, buy still want to have I, you will need to do your due diligence and do a thorough examination on some issues to ensure that you are getting something of good quality. The above factors can help you to know how the vehicle condition is before you import it. If you are an amateur with cars and don’t have a clue on how this inspection should be done, then having a mechanic or a friend who has done the same earlier could be helpful.

With these factors in your checklist, you won’t have any problems getting the car that you have always been looking for. For the best picks in mini trucks, minivans and more, please visit our listings page to find your desired vehicle. We can also help you find any other car that you may need. Our services include helping customers across the globe find excellent used Japanese cars. If auctions are an open option to you, then we will help you find the vehicle you seek for your set budget. Just get in touch with us and we will guide you through.