How To Hotwire A Truck in An Emergency

Owning a truck will expose you to things you had never thought of doing. For example, at some point, you will not be able to start your truck because you may have forgotten the keys or misplaced them. Hot wiring is a unique undertaking that might not be common, but you have performed it at some point. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to hotwire a truck in an emergency situation.

What is Hot-Wiring?

At some point, you have started your truck without using the keys. It would sound weird, but it is a standard procedure in car theft. Under the steering, wires usually get twisted to start up your truck. Is this possible? 

How To Hotwire A Truck

Initially, trucks had computers and electronic locking systems, which made the process of hotwiring so easy. But modern trucks have a central computerized system that controls the locking mechanism, making it a little bit complex to hotwire. This guide gives some tips on how to hotwire a truck.

Step 1

The first thing to do is locate your ignition with your screwdriver. Turn the screwdriver to see if your engine will start. You all need to do this in some trucks, and the engine will start. But for other trucks, you will need to move to the next step. 

Step 2

If step one fails, consider moving to step two. In this step, you will remove the steering column using the screwdriver. Locate the screws that hold the steering column. After removing the nuts, you will be able to locate the panels. Pull the boards out to remove them. You will be able to see the wires of the ignition column.

Step 3

The ignition column has various wires. Some are for the lighting system, wipers, and others are for the battery and the ignition.

These wires connect to the battery, starter motor, and ignition system. Identify the cables connecting to the ignition system and the battery. Battery wires are usually red, or some have universal colors. If the system of your truck has universal colors, consider going through your manual, which will let you know each cable and its role. Doing this will enable you to identify the ignition cables.

Step 4

Cut the insulation of the wires using a wire stripper. Take the naked ends and twist them using your hands. If this is done successfully, the electrical parts of your truck will turn on.

Step 5

Locate the wire that connects to the starter motor and remove a piece of insulation at its end. Touch the end of this to the end of the other two wires. When doing this, practice caution and do not touch these wires because they are live wires. After doing this, your engine should be able to start.

Step 6

Seal the ends of the wires to which you removed their insulation using masking tape. Doing this is necessary t reduce cases of short circuits.


It is simple to hotwire your truck. All you need to do is to identify the ignition cables on your steering column. When done hotwiring, consider revving your engine for some time, so it does not go off.

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