How To Fix A Play In A Mini Truck Steering Wheel

The steering wheel does the role of ensuring your mini truck is headed in the desired direction. This wheel enables a driver to make a turn and drive through a straight road. At some point, you will feel the steering wheel of your mini truck playing as you drive. You will feel your mini truck doesn’t want to maintain a straight line or wonders on the road. Such signs symbolize that the steering wheel is loose. If it becomes loose, it will endanger your life as the driver and other road users. In this guide, we will go through ways on how to fix a play in a mini truck steering wheel.

How To Fix A Play In A Mini Truck Steering Wheel

If you start feeling such signs, there might be a problem with the steering pump, rack, or pinion housing. Adjust the steering box, which is easy with a few essential tools. To fix playing steering, consider the below steps.

Park Your Mini Truck on a Plain Ground.

Ensure your mini truck is parked on plain ground, disengage gears to neutral, and engage the handbrakes. Doing these will enhance your safety as you try to adjust the playing steering wheel. The steering wheel is at the front part of your mini truck. Lift it using a jack for you to access the lower part of your Kei truck easily.

Move Your Steering on Both Left and Right Directions

Make sure you have a ruler that you will use to measure the inches in which your steering will be covering as it will make a left-to-right motion. Your steering wheel has too much play if this distance is more than one inch. You will see the steering housing joining the gearbox on the driver’s side. Above the gearbox, you will see a screw and lock nut called worm gear. Make adjustments on this screw.

Loosen the Lock Nut

You will effectively do this when you have a wrench that fits the lock nut and slightly loosens it. Using a screwdriver, make a ¼ clockwise turn and tighten the locking applying mild pressure. 

Measure the Play Again

After tightening the lock nut, repeat the first procedure to check if there are any changes on the play. Once more, loosen the locking nut and make a ¼ clockwise adjustment on the screw. Do this procedure until the steering wheel play reduces to 1 inch. Using a torque wrench, tighten the lock nut per the manufacturer’s specifications. After this, lower the jack and take your mini truck for a test drive to check whether the steering is still playing.


Adjust your steering wheel as soon as possible. It is not complex to fix a play on the steering wheel. You need the right tools to perform it. If you are not sure of what to do, it is necessary to seek help from a professional. It is risky to drive a mini truck with a playing steering wheel. Never take chances if you feel the vehicle is becoming tough to control. Suppose you value the services your mini truck is offering to you. Consider servicing it as soon as you feel something is in a mess with it.

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