How To Fix a Locked Mini Truck Steering Wheel

Locked mini truck steering wheel can be disappointing, especially when driving. Mini trucks with turnkey ignition have an ignition lock feature. When you turn the steering after removing the key from the ignition, your steering will automatically lock to prevent the steering wheel from moving while the mini truck is parked. Lack of power steering fluid can make your steering lock while your mini truck is in motion. Mechanical problems related to the steering column or the steering arms can also lock the steering. When you experience this challenge, never hesitate but consider doing the following.

How To Fix a Locked Mini Truck Steering Wheel

Here are things to do to unlock a steering wheel of a vehicle.

Insert Your Key in the Ignition

When removing the key from the ignition, your steering can lock if it is tense. To unlock it, you will have to insert the key to the ignition. The steering wheel should turn as soon as you insert the key into the ignition. Your wheel will unlock as soon as the key ignites the vehicle. 

Gently Turn the Key

After inserting the key into the ignition, gently turn it. Sometimes both the key and the wheel might get stuck. If this happens, use a little pressure as you turn the key to the direction where it usually ignites your mini truck. Never apply too much pressure because this might twist or even break the key. Doing this should unlock the ignition.

Apply Force on the Steering Wheel

Sometimes, the steering might lock on a single side with a PIN. If this happens, the wheel will not quickly move on the locked side. In such a scenario, identify the area which is not locked and use some force as you turn the key using one hand. Doing this will unlock the steering wheel.

Never Shake the Wheel

When the steering locks, desperation will likely make you shake or bang the steering wheel. Instead of shaking the wheel, turn the wheel as you turn the ignition key. If you do this, the chances of unlocking your steering wheel become minimal because it might interfere with the locking pin.

Partially Pull the Key Out and Turn the Ignition

If in case the key of your mini truck is old, it might not have enough grip to turn the ignition. To effectively achieve this, push and pull the key. When you partially pull it out, it will be able to unlock the steering pin as you start your mini truck. If it works, your keys are worn out, and you should consider replacing them.

Turn Both the Wheel and the Key simultaneously

It might not work once, but you must use force on the steering as you turn the key in the ignition. Performing the two activities at the same time should unlock the steering pin. If you realize that both the wheel and the keys are unwilling to turn, do not force them.


It is usual for the steering wheel of your mini truck to lock. If it does not unlock, consult a professional mechanic to diagnose what the problem might be. This article has given home-based remedies to unlock your steering.

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