How to Change Honda Acty Brake Pads

The Honda Acty has two braking systems, the disk brakes on the front wheels and the drum braking system on the rear wheels. When manufacturing this vehicle, Honda used a complex system standard on the front-wheel drive but decided to mount it on the rear wheels. This and the engine mounted at the rear end make the Acty a unique Kei truck. Besides the steering control, brakes control the wheels. This makes the brake pads wear out with time. In this guide, we will go through steps on how to change Honda Acty brake pads.

How to Know your Brake Pads Need to Be Changed

Here are some of the things that would make you know that the brake pads have outlived their purpose and need to be changed.

1. The pads are old when you hear a grinding sound while applying the brakes. This sound is soo loud for the ear drum.

2. When the brake pedal or the steering wheel becomes shaky, it is high time to change the brake pads.

3. At times the check braking system might appear on the bash board. If either of the above symptoms accompanies this, the brake pads need a replacement.

How To Change Hond aActy Brake Pads

To change the brake pads for your Honda Kei truck, you will need a jack, lug wrench, C-clamp, new brake pads, and brake fluid. You have all the requirements. Take the below steps to change your brake pads.

Lift your Truck Using a Jack

Before lifting the truck, loosen the lug nuts of the wheels. Ensure the jack is well supported, and then use it to lift the mini truck until it suspends the wheel. Detach all the lug nuts, and remove the wheel. Upon doing this, the braking system will be visible.

Locate the Lower Slider Bolt and Remove it

Two bolts hold the Calliper, one at the upper and the other at the lower. When replacing the brake pads, remove only the lower one.

Change the Direction of the Calliper

After removing the slider bolt, you can manipulate the Calliper. Put it facing up. While doing this, never remove the hydraulic brake line because they have a flexible rubber that will let the calliper stretch.

Remove the Old Brake Pads

After manipulating the Calliper to face upward, the brake pads will be visible. Slide the old brake pads to remove them.

Fix the New Retaining Clips

New brake pads have new retaining clips. Remove the old ones and fix the new ones. When fixing the retaining clips, ensure you fix each at the correct position because they are labeled left or right.

Fix the New Brake Pads

Fixing the new brake pads is as easy as removing the old ones. However, a slight difference might arise because the new brake pads are thick compared to the old ones.

Push Back the Pistons

This will help in clearing the new thick brake pads. When pushing back the pistons, there might be changes in the brake fluid level. It is essential to check it.

Put the Calliper back to its Normal Position

Use the minimum effort to do this. Fix back the slider bolt and repeat the procedure on the other wheels.


Assembling the necessary tools and this guide should aid you in changing the brake pads of Honda Acty without calling for help from an expert.

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