How to Adjust Windshield Wipers of a Subaru Sambar

The legendary Subaru Automakers are popular for the famous boxer engine and manufacture of rally cars. The company also competes in the production of Kei trucks. The aim of producing Sambar is to compete with other automakers such as Suzuki, Honda, Daihatsu, and Toyota, which makes the mini trucks. Subaru car enthusiasts will definitely love Subaru Sambar. In this guide, we will go through how to adjust windshield wipers of a Subaru Sambar.

The windshield in a vehicle has a protective role for the driver and other occupants. As the vehicle is in motion, it opposes wind and encounters dirt and other obstacles that might endanger the occupants’ lives. The protective role played by the windscreen makes it dirty. A dirty windshield impairs the vision of the driver. Wipers play the role of cleaning the windshield. However, with time, the wipers become loose and need to be adjusted.

How to Adjust Windshield Wipers for Subaru Sambar

Windshield wipers attract debris when the vehicle is parked or in motion, which can be removed by knocking the wiper against the windshield. Doing this with time loosens the wiper. Here is how you can adjust the wiper of your Sambar Kei truck.

Check if the Wiper Switch is on

Turn off the wiper switch, and the wipers will drop automatically to a resting position. Switch off the ignition and remove the key.

Remove the Plastic Dust Cap

Before doing this, ensure the arm is in a good position. To remove the plastic cap, you will require a flat screwdriver of a small size. There are minor distinctions on the dust cap, put the screwdriver on them, and the cap will come out. After removing the cap, the nut will be visible.

Examine the nuts

Take time to study the nut. This will help you to choose a socket that fits it. After finding a socket that fits the nut perfectly, you might consider supporting it with a ratchet.

Tighten the Nut

Ratchets can either fasten or loosen nuts. In this case, we are not removing the wiper but need to adjust it to function correctly. Rotate the ratchet in a clockwise direction. If it turns smoothly, continue doing this until it becomes stiff. Stop the procedure in the event the nut becomes very tight.

If the nut spins without tightening, there might be a problem with the nut or the drive post. It is not easy to replace a damaged nut, but you can replace the drive post by buying a new windshield wiper motor.

Test the wipers

Before testing the wipers, return the plastic dust cup to its place. Get into your Sambar Kei truck. Put the engine on and put the wiper switch on. If it operates smoothly, it is okay, but it keeps slipping, it is damaged, and you will have to buy a new one.


Adjusting the wipers of a Subaru Sambar is a simple step with the right tools. Activities that the wipers perform loosen them with time. Removing the debris on the wipers can also loosen them. This guide has provided simple steps to follow to tighten your wipers.

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