How Regular Services Help Improve Gas Mileage of A Truck

What do you do to improve gas mileage of your truck? Improving fuel economy is something that most truck owners are not sure of. Sometimes you might think there is nothing much you can do to make your truck consume less fuel. Inflation is on the rise, with the prices of fuel skyrocketing throughout the world. We can’t do anything about it but devise some survival techniques to make our trucks not consume too much fuel. After going through this guide, you will be able to know some of the crucial things that will assist you in improving your truck’s gas mileage, and this will save you time at the pump and money.

Maintain a Routine Maintenance To Improve Gas Mileage

Every morning before you start driving your truck, you must inspect its condition first. Walk around the truck as you check if there is any leakage, open the hood and check whether the engine is in good condition, and check the level of coolant and the state of your battery. Doing this will help you identify any truck problems and fix them earlier. Fuel economy solely depends on how healthy your engine is. If it is not in good condition, then be assured of consuming more fuel.

Check Your Tire Pressure

The air pressure is what supports the entire weight of your truck. Correct pressure is necessary for your safety and the performance of your truck. If your tire is not correctly inflated, the rate of tire drag as you drive will increase, leading to high fuel consumption. If your tire is 10% underinflated, the rate at which it consumes fuel will go high to 2%. The lesser pressure in your tire, the more fuel your truck will consume.

Tire pressure is affected by the temperature, whenever the temperature rises, there is an increase in tire pressure, but when the temperature drops, there is a decrease in tire pressure. It is necessary to regularly check your tire pressure before you start driving your truck. 

Replace the Air Filters

As the air filter works, it traps dirt accompanying air, and the dirt gets trapped on a media made of paper and fibers. The more the air filter serves you, the more it traps dirt that clogs it. A clogged air filter forces the engine to work hard and use more fuel.

How will you know that your air filter is dirty? A clean air filter allows light to pass through when held against a bright light source. If your air filter does not allow light to pass through, then know it is dirty and needs a replacement.

Do not Skip Scheduled Maintenance.

It is necessary to take your truck for a check-up after covering the required mileage per the manufacturer’s guide. It is believed that you should change your oil and do an engine overhaul at the specified mileage. Regular maintenance keeps your truck’s engine in good health, extends its life, and increases fuel efficiency.


Regular truck maintenance helps in increasing your fuel efficiency. Your truck will consume more fuel when you fail to replace components such as air filters and engine oil. Never forget to check the tire pressure. You should review the pointers shared above to improve your fuel consumption.

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