Best Synthetic Oil for Diesel Trucks

Engine oil protects the engine against wearing out due to friction and absorbs the heat from the engine as it is running. Diesel-powered engines require high-quality oil to give you the best performance and run smoothly. When buying diesel engine oils, you will get two categories in the market, conventional and synthetic oils. Conventional oil is cheap, wears out very fast, and might fail to do its job correctly. In this guide, we will go through tips on buying the best synthetic oil for diesel trucks.

Synthetic oil has chemical compounds which are made artificially. It can be made from chemically modified petroleum components and synthesized from other raw materials. What the synthetic oil is made from makes it lubricate properly and last longer than conventional oil. Therefore, synthetic oil is the best for diesel-powered trucks. Diesel engines are heavy-duty. Here are some of the best synthetic oil you use for your diesel truck.

Motul 8100 X-Cess Synthetic Engine Oil

Motul has been famous for manufacturing high-quality 100% synthetic oil since 1971. The Motul 8100 X-Cess is a product of experience and quality which can serve both the diesel and gasoline engines that are turbocharged or naturally aspirated. 

The oil is suitable for both diesel and direct injection gasoline. Heavy duty trucks can rely on o this oil for better performance. It might be expensive but worth investing your money.

Shell Rotella T6 Heavy Duty Diesel Synthetic Oil

A product of a shell company, the Rotella T6 oil is a 100% synthetic oil for diesel engines. It does some of the below roles.

  1. It offers an enhanced fuel economy for your truck due to the advanced technology in its manufacture.
  2. It increases engine protection against harmful wear as the engine is running.
  3. The combination of synthetic base oil and the advanced multifunctional dispersant prevents the build-up of harmful substances such as soot in the engine.
  4. It is heavy-duty and absorbs and breaks down the heat from the engine.
  5. It resists the viscosity loss through shear and maintains the optimal pressure of the diesel engine. 

Lucas Oil CJ-4 Synthetic HD Motor Oil

When using Lucas Oil Cj-4 Synthetic HD Motor oil, the rate your diesel engine consumes oil and wearing will reduce. It’s a blend of premium base oil and “Lucas” additives, enabling it to maintain your engine and control its emissions. With this oil, your engine will comply with the requirements of the emissions control system. It functions properly in heavy-duty diesel engines of trucks as well as gasoline engines.

Schaeffer SynShield Synthetic Plus Engine Oil

This synthetic oil is resistant to oxidation, gives the engine extra protection from wear, and prevents the engine from soot accumulation. Use the Schaeffer synshield with diesel fuel with low Sulphur levels.


Many trucks run on diesel engines that are heavy duty, so it is necessary to use the kind of engine oil which will not wear out very fast but has features that enable it to withstand the pressure and the high temperature from the diesel engine. Synthetic oil best performs this role. This guide has highlighted just a few synthetic oils on the market. It is necessary to consult with your mechanic about the best synthetic oil available in your locality.

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