How Dependable is a 4WD Mini Truck?

Mini trucks are standard Japanese small trucks that serve most middle class citizens. The Kei trucks perform several duties as much as they have a smaller engine capacity. The first Kei trucks to hit the markets were mainly two-wheel drive mini trucks. Later, the two wheels drive mini trucks were realized not to be that efficient. The manufacturers started considering producing two- and four-wheel drive versions to choose from. How dependable is a 4WD mini truck? The 4-wheel drive mini trucks are more dependable than the 2-wheel drive mini truck.

How Dependable is a 4WD Mini Truck?

The difference between the two is their performance and market price. However, if you have limited resources, you can buy a two-wheel drive and convert it to a four-wheel drive with time. This article thus concentrates on some of the benefits of a four-wheel drive mini truck.

Benefits of a Four-Wheel Drive Mini Truck

Before looking at the benefits of the 4-wheel drive mini trucks, it is necessary to ask, what is a 4-wheel drive vehicle? These are vehicles with the ability to transmit engine power to all the wheels. Initially, only the military vehicles produced four-wheel drive vehicles. After the second World War, these vehicles started to come to the market for civilians. 

More Traction Control

4-wheel drive vehicle has more traction as you drive on slippery surfaces and ice. The traction control enables the driver to control the mini truck despite the nature of the driving surface, making both the driver and the passenger safe. Reasonable traction control is enhanced by the tires your mini truck is running on. With the four-wheel drive mini truck, you do not have to worry about weather changes when on bad drive terrains. 

You Can Travel Anywhere

4-wheel mini trucks will take you anywhere and bring you home safely. You can drive a four-wheel mini truck in the snow, rocky paths, and muddy forests, but it will not get stuck. The winter weather will not limit such kind of truck; instead, it will serve you as usual. 

Two Main Settings to Choose from

The 4-wheel drive mini truck has both high and low gears to choose from. Depending on your driving condition, you can switch on the four-high or the 4-low gear. The four-high gears come in handy if you are driving on a highway covered with snow and wet. Such gears are also necessary when driving on rocky terrains and muddy surfaces. The four-low comes in handy when you are driving on steeply inclined surfaces as well as through water. Such places require slow driving, and the four-low produces high torque.

Better Towing

The 4-wheel drive mini trucks will tow better than the 2-wheel drive mini trucks. The power from the engine is equally transmitted to all the wheels making the four-wheel drive mini trucks have more power to tow heavy loads. 


It is possible to convert a two-wheel into a 4-wheel drive mini truck. You can depend on the 4-wheel mini truck for any use in any terrain. Besides, the 4-wheel mini trucks are more fun and safe than the two-wheel drive versions. This guide has highlighted why you can depend on a four-wheel mini truck.

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