Causes of a Truck Manual Transmission Being Hard to Shift

Manual transmission is standard in trucks, and this type of transmission requires the driver to change gears. How do they do this? Such kind of vehicle has a gear lever and a clutch. Whenever these vehicles demand a gear change, the driver will feel the change in the engine’s sound. They have to step on the clutch pedal, which disconnects the drive and the driven shaft then it is given the required gear.¬†Driving a manual transmission is enjoyable and quite engaging. When there is an issue of manual transmission being hard to shift gears, it can be related to either a problem with the clutch or the transmission system. The manual transmission might sometimes develop problems that make it difficult to shift. Sometimes the gears of your truck might become hard to shift when it is cold. The common cause of this is low temperatures which thicken the oil. To sort this, you can change the oil brand and use a less dense one.¬†

Causes of Manual Transmission Being Hard to Shift

The transmission of your truck might suddenly or gradually become hard to shift. It might result from any of the below causes.

Problem with the Clutch System

The clutch system connects and disconnects the drive and the driven shaft to make it easy for you to change gears. When the master cylinder is damaged, there will be no coordination when you step on the clutch pedal, and the power still will be transmitted from the engine to the driven shaft, and the gears will be hard to shift. 

Damaged Synchronizer Ring

The synchronizer ring plays the role of facilitating the process of engaging gears. This ring has teeth that aid it in effectively performing its functions. When the synchronizer ring gets damaged, it becomes hard to shift transmission.

Worn Out Gear Teeth

The gear has both small and big teeth. The combination of the two makes the system function effectively. The tiny teeth do the role of acknowledging the engagement between the hub sleeve and the synchronizer ring. Worn-out small teeth make it hard to shift the transmission. 

The big teeth engage the spinning counter gear, which sends the transmission to the output shaft. The transmission will make noise when the big teeth are faulty, resulting in hard shifting.

Inadequate Gear Oil

The gear oil lubricates the gears in the manual transmission gearbox. When its quantity reduces, you will hear noises coming from your gearbox. The gearbox generates a lot of heat; therefore, the gear oil should be very thick to function effectively under such extreme temperatures. Leakages might reduce the quantity of the gear oil, and when the amount of gear oil reduces, it won’t be easy to shift the gears. 


Sometimes the manual transmission of a truck might become hard to shift due to the above reasons. The causes of a hard gear revolve around the clutch system and the gearbox because these are two integral parts of your truck. If shifting your gears becomes difficult, seek a mechanical check-up as soon as possible.

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