Basic Diesel Truck Maintenance And Repair Tips

Every truck owner dreams of giving their trucks a long life span of service by taking care of them and there is no better way than getting truck maintenance. Owning a diesel truck is one of the best things to happen to you. Some of the most powerful trucks are powered by diesel engines. Most diesel engines need less maintenance as compared to petrol engines. But this does not mean that servicing them is a walk in the park. Some things have to be put in place to ease the maintenance of your diesel truck.

Here are some critical diesel truck maintenance tips to keep your running smoothly.

Regular Cleaning

While using your truck, you run over all sorts of dirt, and some get into the engine. Therefore, cleaning your engine is essential and this will ensure that it serves you happily. Accumulating dirt particles in various parts of your truck can damage it. Ensure you use clean fuel to give your engine good health and smooth operations. Diesel engines are sensitive to fuel with high sulfur concentrations and can lead to expensive repairs.

Always Check the Levels of Fluids

The most important maintenance tip you should have at the figure tips is checking the fluids. Trucks use various fluids such as transmission, brake, oil, diesel, water, and engine coolant. Sometimes the engine coolant might be acidic and corrode other parts of your engine. It is essential to do a regular check on the acidity of the coolant.

Having enough coolant and oil is essential to prevent your engine from overheating. Also, check the level of other liquids and top them up when they are low.

Change the Filters

Filters are an essential part of a diesel truck that plays a vital role in your truck’s performance. It is necessary to change the filters after covering 20,000km. Modern diesel trucks have two fuel filters. During routine service, ensure all these filters are changed.

Air filters should also be checked and replaced at the appropriate time. The fuel and oil filters play the role of trapping all the impurities in the fuel and air. They thus ensure the engine receives clean fuel and air.

Change Oil

Oil changing is another tip that will leave your engine running smoothly. Diesel engines always experience harder driving and towing, which wears out oil very fast. You will need to change the oil at 8000 km as part of the regular truck maintenance. If your truck has been driven for a long, consider changing the oil whenever you change the filters. Ensure you use the right oil for your truck, and in case you need to know, you must check the user guide.

Check on the Smoke

Exhaust smoke is essential when you want to diagnose the health of your engine. Checking the exhaust system enables you to catch early developing problems. If you note the emission of strange fume, consult your mechanic, or even if a strange sound comes from the exhaust system.


Diesel trucks are mighty and reliable. But, for them to give you the service you deserve, you have to perform the basic truck maintenance as laid down in this guide.

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