Signs of Bad Engine Control Module In A Truck

Your truck will show various symptoms when your engine control module is faulty or bad. After reading this guide, you can tell whether you have a bad engine control module and what to do. The Engine Control Module has various names, such as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). It is a vital part that sends a message to the motor to ensure they operate smoothly. 

The ECM controls several operations of your truck, and when it malfunctions, your truck will have various performance issues

What are The Signs of a Bad Engine Control Module?

When the Engine Control Module starts or malfunctions, your truck will exhibit signs that are discussed below.

The Appearance of the Engine Check Light

All modern trucks have an engine check light on the dashboard. The role of the engine check light is to communicate to you that there is a problem in the engine that you should address. The light can show as a result of various issues with the engine, and a faulty ECM is one of them.

If a sensor, circuit, or any electronic component of the Engine Control Module becomes faulty, it will turn on the engine check light. 

Your Engine will Start Misfiring or Even Stall

Your engine will receive a message when the ECM starts to become faulty, and this will create an imbalance. You will experience misfiring. If it is extreme, your truck can even stall. However, the engine stall or misfiring will be erotic, sometimes your engine will run perfectly, but sometimes it becomes challenging to control. 

The Engine Performance Issues

The problem of engine performance can be linked to a faulty ECM. When the module is faulty, there will be an imbalance in your engine’s fuel-air ratio or even the timing settings. In such a situation, the performance of your engine will reduce, especially when you try to press the gas pedal. When you experience acceleration issues, link it to ECM.

Reduced Fuel Economy

When the ECM of your truck is faulty, it will be difficult for your truck to regulate the fuel intake, and your truck will start to burn more fuel. 

If you are always keen on fuel economy, you will realize this problem as soon as it starts. But spending more time at the gas pump is a clear sign that your fuel economy has reduced.

Your Truck May Fail to Start

When your ECM dies, your truck will not start because the engine management will not function, and the truck will not know what to do. You will hear your truck cranking from little or no fuel and air injected into the combustion chamber. However, if your truck does not start, it does not mean that the ECM is faulty. Other common causes are a dead battery, a faulty fuel system, or a problem with the ignition system.


The Engine Control Module controls all the processes that take place in your engine. When it becomes faulty, various parts of your engine will either stop or not function properly. The signs in this guide are common, and you will experience them once your ECM becomes faulty. 

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