Why Ride Stability Affects Fuel Consumption In Big Trucks

Do you know how ride stability has an effect on your vehicle? Everything about trucks revolves around the bottom line. Anything affecting the bottom line will impact how your truck will consume fuel. Truck owners and operators strive to ensure that their fleets are fuel economical. They do this by driving at lower speeds and fixing tires less resistant to rolling. 

So, have you heard about ride stability? It greatly impacts your fuel economy. Continue reading this guide to learn more about ride stability and its effect on fuel consumption on big trucks.

What is Ride Stability?

Ride stability is the ability of your truck to insulate you and the cargo from various road surfaces. It, therefore, offers a smoother and more comfortable ride. When the ride stability is low, your truck will feel uncomfortable. Ride stability is mainly affected by tires and the suspension system.

Effects of Tires on Fuel Consumption

For heavy-duty trucks, tires are significant regarding ride stability. Your wheel diameter, width, rigidity, and pressure are vital for ride stability.

All these wheel factors greatly impact how your truck consumes fuel. For example, fuel-efficient tires have less resistance to rolling due to the less tread depth. Such tires are less stable and comfortable compared to regular tires.

Wider tires offer more comfort and stability, although they are heavy. The weight of tires affects fuel consumption. Trucks with heavy tires will thus consume more fuel. When it comes to stability and fuel economy, consider your tire pressure.

Before going for a trip, ensure your truck has the right tire pressure. This will assure you of safety and increase fuel economy. Your ride will also be very comfortable. 

Effects of Suspension of Fuel Economy

The main duty of the suspension is to prevent your truck from shaking and rambling as you drive on various surfaces. When your suspension works perfectly, your ride will be very smooth.

As the suspension system is vital for stability and rides comfort, it also affects the rate at which your truck consumes fuel.

A failing suspension offers a bumpy ride, and your truck will move up and down. Your engine will work harder to maintain the desired speed when such happens. 

As your engine works harder, it will need more air and fuel to burn. For this reason, most commercial trucks have an air suspension system. Such ensures that the driver and the cargo are stable. The load will not bounce. Therefore, the engine will not need to strain. The air suspension system offers the best driving experience and a smoother ride.


As you drive on various road surfaces, your truck should offer you a very comfortable ride. Ride stability does this by offering you and your cargo a smooth and comfortable ride despite the surface you are driving on.

Your tires and the suspension system affect your ride stability. Tires with less roll resistance offer the best fuel economy and the least comfort. Wider tires provide good stability although heavy and lead to high fuel consumption.

The air suspension system in heavy-duty trucks offers a comfortable ride and fuel economy. Your engine will not strain to produce power to maintain the desired speed. 

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