Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Regular Truck Maintenance

How seriously do you take regular truck maintenance? You probably have seen a truck or two sitting by the side of the road, maybe with the smoke coming from the hood or life savers. The smoke is not a result of meat roasting on the hood. Such trucks have mechanical issues and need help as soon as possible. It is not easy to tell when and where your truck will break, you can avoid regular breakdowns and increase the reliability of your truck.

Several unnecessary breakdowns result from paying little or no attention to your truck when it needs a check-up and even skipping regular truck maintenance. The engine has basic parts which have to be monitored regularly. It is essential always to check and replace your engine within the right time frame. Here are some of the reasons you should never skip regular truck maintenance.

Identify the Problem Early

Most truck problems begin slowly and advance as you ignore them. On rare occasions, you will notice that your truck has a mechanical issue worth checking. But you will realize when it is too late, making you spend a lot to maintain your truck. 

Taking your truck for regular maintenance helps you notice the developing issues and address them as soon as possible. Such issues include leakages or brake problems. Doing this will also reduce the probability of causing accidents.

Improves Gas Mileage

Regular truck maintenance improves fuel economy and efficiency. For instance, less tire pressure causes a 3% increase in fuel consumption after driving for a long. If you have several trucks to manage, 3% is a difference you will always notice.

Consider performing tire rotation and wheel alignment after a given duration. Regular maintenance will also help you catch up with issues such as dirty air, fuel and oil filters that can lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

Safe Driving

Regular truck maintenance enhances the safety of your truck on the road. Good brakes and tires increase the control and handle of your truck.

It is dangerous to drive on balding tires with tiny wires protruding, as such tires can blow out anytime. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on your tires and change them whenever you notice any piece of wire protruding or defective with them. 

On several occasions, it takes work to determine faulty tires. When you take your truck for regular maintenance, the technician will check your tires and advise when to replace them.

Saves Money

Maintaining regular truck maintenance will safeguard your bank account. Minor problems are less costly to fix but can escalate into significant issues that can be expensive. For example, an oil leak repair is $ 100 and, if left, can cost more than $ 4,000 to fix. 

Regular maintenance is a form of preventive maintenance. Performing it is less costly but very essential for the well-being of your truck. 


Regular truck maintenance has several advantages, such as improving road safety, giving your truck a long-life span, and saving you money. Regular truck maintenance entails common activities such as performing basic engine maintenance and taking care of your tires and other vital truck parts. 

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